Chinese name:
Shehong County
Tailor shop owner
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Tuohuang Detention Center
Case Description:


Practitioner Ms. Hu Yunhuai, 54, was in good health when she was arrested on May 7, 2010. Five months later, at 1:49 p.m. on October 23, 2010, she died in the Tuohuang Prison in Xichang, Sichuan Province.

Ms. Hu was a native of Shehong County, Sichuan Province. Her ID number was 510922195602157364. She lived in Xichang and had her own tailor shop.

On her way home with her grandson on May 7, 2010, she was arrested by officers from the Xichang Domestic Security Division. The officers seized the computer and printer she used for her tailoring business, saying that they found the words "" (Chinese version of on her computer.

Her grandson has a rare blood disease which was not able to be treated locally, and he was recently released from the Huaxi Hospital in Chengdu. The treatment cost the family more than 10,000 yuan. Regardless of the warning from Ms. Hu's husband that the boy would relapse if any of his body was pressed on, a young officer firmly held the boy's arm. His arm immediately turned a purplish blue. He relapsed and had to be sent to the hospital in Chengdu again.

Ms. Hu was imprisoned in the Tuohuang Prison in Xichang.

The Xichang Procuratorate pressed charges against Ms. Hu on May 27.

The food served in the jail was terrible, cold and hard. It was too tough for her to eat after the guards took her artificial teeth away. She started to have difficulty swallowing food and could feel something in her throat around June. She reported her situation to the prison administration and asked for a physical exam. The administration did not respond. She made the request several times and got nowhere. Her weight dropped from 110 pounds to 70 pounds. She could only eat food in a drinkable form that was sent by her children. She was very weak. Her children were extremely worried, and they reported her situation on many occasions to the police department and the city 610 Office. They requested the prison administration give her a physical exam, but their requests were rejected.

Ms. Hu kept vomiting and could not stand up straight in court on September 20, 2010, because of abdominal pain.

On October 15, 2010, the prison administration finally took her to the city's No. 2 Hospital, but they ignored the doctor's recommendation to immediately admit her to the hospital. They even lied to her family on October 16, saying that she was in good health.

On October 18, 2010, Ms. Hu's family got a permit from the prison administration to take her to the Zhouyi Hospital for a physical exam with the condition that the family paid all the cost. During the exam, Ms. Hu passed out, but regained conscious after emergency care. The doctor diagnosed her with esophageal cancer, and issued a notice of critical condition twice.

Ms. Hu died on October 23, 2010.

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