Chinese name:
Huainan City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Chaoyang District Police Station
Case Description:

About 8 pm on the evening of October 17th, 2000, the police from Chaoyang In their governing region, District branch office of Huainan City in Anhui Province, conducted a search, without any grounds, of home of the Dafa practitioner Guiying Xie. (Guiying Xie, female,

Early the next morning (18th), Guiying Xie was sent to the People's Hospital of the city because of her serious injuries. According to the eyewitness from the hospital, she was wearing very thin clothes and lying on a plank without a blanket. Her whole body was trembling and her lips were chapped. She seemed to be in extreme pain. However, she was still able to talk and drink. Three policemen were watching her. No effort to save her was witnessed at the time. At around 10 AM on October 18th, Guiying Xie left this world. At 4PM, her body was sent to the Datong Funeral Home by the public security guards.

Later, the Chaoyang police branch spread the lie that Guiying Xie committed suicide by jumping off a building, in order to get out of their responsibility for the crime.

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