Sun Yumei - 孙玉梅

Chinese name:
Zhangjiakou City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Zhangjiakou City Police Department
Case Description:

Sun Yumei, female, 55-year-old, was a worker at Zhangjiakou City Gas Engine Factory, and lived at Heishiba, Qiaodong District.

Before Sun took up Falun Dafa, she suffered from severe kidney problems and rheumatic heart disease that had caused osteoporosis, swelling of her joints and detachment of her retina. She almost lost her eyesight as a result. Since learning Falun Dafa in September 1998, all her medical problems disappeared. After July 20 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa started, she went to Beijing many times to appeal. In July 2000, the police on Tiananmen Square knocked her down and she suffered severe head injuries: her head swelled, her scalp was bleeding, and she lost consciousness. Her fellow practitioners had to give her first aid. As soon as she woke up, without any treatment to her injuries, the police took her to Menkougou and detained her illegally. She was released after she went on a hunger strike. On October 27, 2000, she went to Beijing again and was arrested at Xiahuayuan by Zhajiakou City Police (Thirteen practitioners were arrested at the same time.) Li Jingyuan, the public security bureau chief was responsible for spearheading the persecution of the 13 practitioners. Directed by their superiors Yan Zhiyou, Ma Fuwei and Li Quanfu, the Criminal Police Squad of Qiaodong Public Security Subdivision deprived practitioners of sleep for one week, forced them to sit on the Tiger Bench for many days and nights, and brutally force-fed them. (For a detailed description of this and other forms of torture used in forced labor camps, see After jailing them for 60 days, the practitioners were covered with cuts and bruises, to such an extent that the forced labor camp refused to admit them. Ma Fuwei bribed the officials with dinners and gave them expensive gifts and the practitioners were accepted. Sun Yumei was carried into the forced labor camp because she was suffering from dropsy (severe accumulation of body fluids in tissue that causes swelling). A few days later, she was acquitted, but remained jailed by Wuyilu Police Station Chief Deng Jianmin. They only released her when her condition turned critical and her very life was in jeopardy. However, local police continued to hound her after she went home. She was forced to leave home to avoid further persecution. She died in Yutian County, Hebei Province as a result of several rounds of persecution by the police, which destroyed her physically.

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