Chinese name:
Shuangcheng City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Langfang City Prison
Case Description:

Wang Xiulan was a 57-year-old Dafa practitioner who lived on Zhiguo Street, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. She was a very kind, honest, and outgoing woman. She and her husband lived a thrifty life. In 1995, she started to cultivate Falun Dafa and became very healthy afterwards. Seeing her change, her husband also started practicing. The couple practiced together and lived a happy life.

After July 20, 1999, when Jiang's regime started the persecution of Dafa, the couple's happy life was disrupted. They felt very heavy hearted and couldn't get to sleep. Xiulan told others, "Why not allow us to cultivate with such a wonderful practice? Isn't it a good thing that we are trying to be good people? We always consider others first and would never do things that will harm others. The Chinese Constitution clearly stipulates that individuals have the freedom of belief. The persecution is in fact bad people slandering Dafa and our Teacher. We shall expose the lies made up by those people." People around her agreed that what she said was very reasonable.

In April 2000, she went out to the Chengxu Park to practice the Dafa exercises. As a result, she was illegally arrested by the police and detained at the Second Detention Center. Fifteen days later, she was transferred to a brainwashing class to be further persecuted. The staff members there posted the prison rules on the wall and forced Dafa practitioners to study the rules, and to admit that they are criminals and that doing Dafa exercise is so-called "disturbing social order." They also hired thugs to monitor Dafa practitioners. No family visitation was allowed; no quilts or other daily necessities were allowed to be sent in. Dozens of people were detained in one room, and they were not allowed to use the restroom. They were given only one small steamed bun and a bowl of salt water for a meal. The guards there said, "You can't feed them too much. It's fine as long as they are not starved. See if they want to be transformed." At nights, Dafa practitioners could only sleep on the cold cement floor without any bed coverings. Xiulan went on a hunger strike to protest the inhumane persecution and ask for unconditional release. After several days, some abnormal things occurred to her body and she was in critical condition. After extorting 500 Yuan* from her family, the brainwashing class finally allowed her family to take her home.

After returning home, Xiulan gradually recovered. Seeing so many people still being deceived by the lies, she saved up some money and bought some cloth to make Dafa banners, never stopping clarifying the truth to people. On October 6, 2000, she brought her banner with her and went to Beijing to validate the Fa. With her strong faith in Dafa and Teacher, she was able to hang her banner in a most conspicuous place on an overpass in Beijing. She displayed the determination of a Dafa cultivator and shocked the evil.

On December 18, 2000, she went to Beijing again with her husband. While displaying her banner in Tiananmen Square, she was arrested and detained in Beijing. She firmly refused to cooperate with the police, and did not give out her name and address. On January 24, 2001, she was transferred to the Gu'an County Detention Center in Hebei Province. The police there forced her to sleep on the cold, damp cement floor at night. There were neither bed coverings nor any heating. It was so cold that she couldn't get to sleep. The police tried everything to get her to give in, yet she never did. Several days later, the police transferred her to the Langfang Prison in Tianjin City, where she was further persecuted.

By the end of February, because of the torture, she had edema all over her body and she had difficulty breathing. In order to shirk responsibility, the police there took away the only several hundred Yuan from her in the name of a so-called "meal fee" and released her.

In early March 2001, she managed to return to her hometown of Shuangcheng City. Her husband saw that her feet were so swollen that she couldn't even put on shoes. Her belly also had edema, and she had difficulty catching her breath. Her family went everywhere to find a cure for her, spending some 3,000-4,000 Yuan. However, she passed away on March 17, 2001, despite the rescue efforts.

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