Zhang Shanchun - 张善春

Chinese name:
Ninghe County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp
Case Description:

Mr. Zhang Shanchun was a 45-year-old practitioner who lived in Ninghe County, Tianjin Province. Before he began to practice Falun Dafa, he suffered from many illnesses, including a liver disease. He was also short-tempered. Since he began to practice Dafa and to cultivate, he followed the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and he quickly regained his health. At his job, he accepted dirty and tiresome work without complaint. He even cleaned the filthy restroom at his workplace. Mr. Zhang's colleagues all said that Falun Dafa had changed him in a positive way.

When the persecution started in 1999, Zhang Shanchun persisted in his cultivation despite the tremendous pressure. In 2001, the local 610 Office arrested him and sent him to Dayuzhuang Brainwashing Center. He refused to write a Guarantee Statement and was therefore sentenced to forced labor. Mr. Zhang was then sent to Shuangkou Forced Labor Camp, where he was cruelly tortured.

After he was released, Zhang Shanchun was fired from his job. Since the local police had confiscated his ID card, he could not find a good job and had to drive a tricycle taxi to make money. Because of the persecution, his mental and physical condition drastically deteriorated. In November 2003, Mr. Zhang died from a recurrence of his old diseases.

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