Shen Baoping - 申宝平

Chinese name:
Changji City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Xiabahu prison in Changji City
Case Description:
Dafa practitioner Mr. Shen Baoping of Kuitun City in Xingjiang was 32 years old. In 2001, Shen Baoping was arrested by a policeman named Yue Jiangmin. Baoping was illegally detained and tortured in many different ways. For example, he was hung up by both hands while his body was beaten mercilessly by Yue Jiangmin, who used electric batons, police clubs, and leather belts, until finally the torturer was exhausted. After that, in July 2001, Shen Baoping was transferred to Xiabahu prison in Changji City, Xinjiang. There, the prison guards continued to use various barbaric methods of torture. They often used electric batons, police clubs, as well as rubber sticks (steel bars covered with rubber designed to cause internal injuries) to beat him mercilessly. Shen Baoping suffered cruel beatings by both prison guards and prisoners every day. In the pouring rain, Shen Baoping was handcuffed from a basketball hoop for almost two days. Shen Baoping, who used to have a vigorous and healthy body weighing 70 to 80 kilograms, was tortured until he was just skin and bones. The prison guards also made use of ultra-intensive physical labor to devastate him and other Dafa disciples. Shen Baoping's firm faith in Dafa drove the prison guards and criminals into a frenzy, as they had been promised many benefits if they could transform him. His unyielding belief frustrated their ambitions and they hated the fact that they he would not go against his conscience, no matter what vicious methods they employed. In August 2004, Shen Baoping was finally mercilessly beaten to death by prison guards and criminals.
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