Chinese name:
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Changsha County Detention Center
Case Description:

Mr. Yu Yong was previously employed by Hunan Province Eighth Water Power Bureau. He quit his job, and worked as a handyman repairing water power equipment.

In December 2005, he explained to people the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution, and passed out informational materials. He was reported for doing this, and arrested. The police ransacked his home, took his home appliances that were newly purchased before his wedding, as well as his older brother's computer and printer. Local officer Chen Yibin (also appointed as a 610 Office agent) and Chen Yiming, Changsha County 610 Office chair, harassed his family multiple times, threatened them, and tried to extort several thousand yuan from them.

In May 2006, Mr. Yu was sent to Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp for a one year term. During his incarceration, he firmly held onto his faith, did not give in , and was thus cruelly tortured and injected with unknown drugs. He developed high blood pressure, with a systolic reading of 200 mm.

In May 2007, he was released, but was very weak. His wife did not work, his aging mother was ill, and he had a six year-old daughter, so he worked in Ningxiang County to support the family.

On August 3, 2008, Changsha County 610 Office agents detained him in Changsha County Detention Center, using the excuse of "Olympic safety." After that, Mr. Yu felt sick and depressed. He died during his sleep on the night of February 15, 2009, at home. His face, ears, and feet were purple, causing his family to suspect that one of the unknown drugs he was injected with had killed him. But they dared not take any action to investigate.