Chinese name:
Baise City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Guangxi Regional Prison in Litang Town
Case Description:

Mr. He Zhi died while in custody in April 2009. His wife was threatened, and she does not dare to live at home or speak about her husband's death.

At midnight on August 2, 2004, more than one dozen officers arrested Mr. He at his home and confiscated his two computers along with truth clarifying CDs. His wife was working the night shift, and their ten year old daughter was left alone at home. The police detained Mr. He in the Youjiang District Detention Center. At the beginning of 2005, the Youjinag District Court sentenced him to eight years in prison.

At the beginning of April 2009, Mr. He died in Litang Prison. A source said his death was very tragic. His wife went to his funeral at the prison and was severely threatened. When she returned home, she did not dare to live in her home or speak about her husband's death. She keeps silent, and Mr. He's parents still do not know about his death.

There are many practitioners still detained in Litang Prison, and some of them have been there eight or nine years. They must have endured numerous tortures based on how emaciated they are and how weak their voices are. The details of how Mr. He died and how practitioners are being brutally mistreated are yet to be revealed.