Chinese name:
Liaoyuan City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Baiquan Forced Labor Camp
Case Description:
Liu Jiankun, male, 31 years old, was from City of Liaoyuan, Jilin Province. He obtained Falun Dafa in the second half of 1998. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor in February 2000 and was sent to Baiquan Labor Camp.

In the labor camp, Liu Jiankun acted the same way as he did in his job at "Sanliangong," willing to work hard and to treat others politely. However, because he continued doing Falun Gong exercises in prison, wardens instigated the regular prisoners, jailed in the same cell, to beat him viciously again and again. May 2000, Liu Jiankun started to suffer pain in his chest and by July 2 he was not able to eat. On July 5, the labor camp notified his family that he was ill and allowed him to go home for medical treatment. When he returned home, he did not have the strength to wring dry a towel. Yet until his release, labor camp wardens forced him to engage in heavy labor. He was later examined by the City Hospital of Liaoyuan, Longshan District Hospital and a hospital in the City of Changchun. It was confirmed that one of Liu Jiankun's ribs were fractured and fluid had dangerously accumulated in his chest. His whole body was so swollen that he could not even put on pants. On August 27, Liu Jiankun died in the Second Hospital of Liaoyuan City.

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