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( At noon on September 18, 2002, police broke into a site that produced Dafa truth-clarifying literature in a residential building of Kuangzongyuan in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. Three Dafa practitioners, including Zhang Jie (female, 38 years old) were illegally arrested. In order to get away from the police, three other Dafa practitioners including, Yang Hongyan (female, 42 years old) and Mi Zhongsheng (male, over 30 years old) jumped out of the building. Two practitioners died on the spot, and the third died after several days in a coma. The machinery and equipment at this site were confiscated.

It was reported that Dafa practitioner Mi Zhongsheng had been tailed by the police, that they followed Mi when he brought the equipment to the production site in a residential building of Kuangzongyuan. When Mi was moving things upstairs, police ran after him to arrest him. Mi ran to the production site on the top floor of the building with the police following him. Dafa practitioners inside did not know what was happening. Zhang Jie safeguarded the door, and tried hard to block the police. Three of the Dafa practitioners inside, rather than face certain torture if arrested, jumped out of the building in hopes of escaping. Among these practitioners was Yang Hongyan, who had just been set free several months earlier after being illegally detained in a labor camp and then in a detention center. Yang died at the scene. Mi, who had previously been illegally arrested, persecuted, and had escaped, died as he was being taken to another location. Another male Dafa practitioner (last name said to be Jiang, no other information available) fell into a coma for several days before he died. Three other Dafa practitioners, including Zhang Jie, Zhao Hua (male, 30 years old) and another male practitioner (no information available) were brutally beaten and illegally arrested.

The machine, equipment, and materials at the site, which were estimated to be worth 20,000-30,000 Yuan, were confiscated as were thousands of Yuan in cash. This money had been saved by practitioners out of their salaries after their thrifty living expenses were met.

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