Jiang Chengjiu - 姜成久

Chinese name:
Boli County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Suihua City Forced Labor Camp
Case Description:

Mr. Jiang Chengjiu, 61, lived in Boli County, Heilongjiang Province. In April  2001, the busy planting season, he  was arrested and detained in Boli County Detention Center. He was sentenced to forced labor in October 2001.

Mr. Jiang Chengjiu was sent to Suihua City Forced Labor Camp for a two-year term. He was released in 2003. On September 3, 2004, officers from the Boli County 610 Office, Police Department, and Qiangken Police Station arrested him again when he was attending a Falun Dafa experience sharing discussion in Taisheng Village. They detained him without allowing any visitation rights. They again sentenced him to three years of forced labor and took him to Suihua City Forced Labor Camp on October 27, 2004. His wife died about two weeks later.

Mr. Jiang refused to write the Three Statements or succumb to the brainwashing. Guards cruelly tortured him, causing him to go deaf in on ear, and his legs and buttocks were covered with bruises. In November 2004, guards Liu Wei, Chen Xinlong, and Lian Xing (all male) beat Mr. Jiang terribly to the point of near death. The Camp Administration notified his family to pick him up. They tried to extort 2,000 yuan from them, but his children refused to pay it. He died on November 15, 2006, only 18 days after returning home.