Chinese name:
Xinmin City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Xinmin City Detention Center
Case Description:

Practitioner Mr. Zhao Shouzhu, 38, lived in Bei'an Village, Yaobao Township, in Xinmin City of Liaoning Province. In September 2000, he was forcibly taken into custody at the Longshan Forced Labor Camp and forced go through brainwashing and severe beatings. In mid-October 2000, practitioners who refused to accept the brainwashing were transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Warden Su (male) found Mr. Zhao doing the Falun Dafa exercises, and Warden Feng (male) pulled Mr. Zhao by his ears to the interrogation room. Three of Mr. Zhao's ribs were fractured as he was beaten. Guards told Mr. Zhao, "You are not allowed to say that we beat you." When Mr. Zhao was returned to his cell, the other detained practitioners who saw that he had passed out shouted, "The guards were beating people!" Later several guards came to examine Mr. Zhao and said he was pretending to be hurt. As a result, he received no treatment, and instead seven prisoners dragged him to a room, beat him down to the floor, forced him to stand up, then beat him down again. They held his head down to the floor and took turns kicking him with their leather boots all over his body, even his head.

Upon being released, Mr. Zhao had to leave home to avoid being arrested. He made a living by peddling a three-wheeled flat carrier. On the evening of March 31, 2008, Domestic Security officers from the Xinmin City Police Department arrested Mr. Zhao while he was passing out truth clarifying materials. He was detained in the Xinmin City Detention Center. He began a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The police had people from the City Hospital brutally force-feed him with unknown drugs. His condition became critical, and on April 14, 2008, he was bailed out and picked up by his sister. He died around April 20, 2008.