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Guiyang City
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Date of Most Recent Arrest:
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Case Description:

Xie Nengyang was a 51-year-old male locomotive operator who worked for the Guiyang City Railroad Bureau. He was dismissed from his job in June 2000 because he clarified the truth about Dafa to his superiors. He was often ordered to write "guarantee statements" to give up Falun Gong. Since Xie Nengyang refused to give in, the lawless officials from his work unit threatened him with harm to his son, who was in college at the time. In October 2000, Xie Nengyang was illegally arrested and interrogated for 12 hours by the Nanming District Police Department in Guiyang City after he was found distributing truth clarification materials. Later, he was released on bail by his work unit. From then on, during "sensitive days," policemen often came to Xie Nengyang's home at all times of the day and night to harass him. In the daytime, Xie Nengyang was forced to attend the brainwashing class held by his work unit, in which he was placed under great pressure to write so-called "guarantee statements" to give up his belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." However, he never gave in.

On the night of February 4, 2002, officials from the Nanzhan police station, Shujiazhai police station and the local street office twice broke into Xie Nengyang's home without a warrant. On the second time, they illegally ransacked Xie Nengyang's home. Because of the long-term pressure and abuse, Xie Nengyang passed away that same night.

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