Chinese name:
Zhuzhou City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Zhuzhou City's Baimalong Forced Labor Camp
Case Description:
Ms. Liu Jianhua, 44, was an employee of Hongjiang Weaving Equipment Manufacturing Factory. Ms. Liu Jianhua went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of the practice on July 20, 1999. However, she was illegally arrested and sent to the Hongjiang Detention Center, where she was detained for over three months. The detention guards also extorted 4000 yuan from her. In December 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal again and was arrested. The Hongjiang police detained her for three months. She was later "illegally sentenced" to one year of forced labor and sent to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. In 2002, the police ransacked her home, arrested her and sent her to a detention center for three months for the third time. In 2003, 610 Office personnel broke into Ms. Liu's home, found one Falun Gong related item and used that as an excuse to arrest her for the fourth time. They then kept her at a detention center illegally for over seven months. In November 2004, she was arrested again and sentenced to two years of hard labor without even notifying her family. Ms. Liu Jianhua was brutally forced-fed at the Zhuzhou City's Baimalong Forced Labor Camp. After being subjected to physical and mental persecution for many years, Ms. Liu developed high blood pressure and had problems with her heart, lungs and pancreas after being released from the labor camp. She died on September 3, 2007.