Chinese name:
Laishui County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:
Ms. Cao Xiaoling was from Dongguan Village, Laishui Town, Laishui County, Hebei Province. In October 1999 Cao Xiaoling was arrested and cruelly persecuted by Han Yasheng, Sun Guijie, Liu Yaohua, Hu Yuxiang and Liu Zhenfu from Laishui County. They tortured her in order to try to "transform" her. In addition, Han Yasheng and Sun Guijie incited the guards to force her and other practitioners to kneel on the bricks face-to-face. They also forced them to beat each other's faces and stipulated that each person must hit from 800 to 1000 times each time. Furthermore, the guards personally beat the practitioners, and when their hands were in too much pain because of the beating, they beat with the sole of a shoe. When the sole broke they used a truncheon. The guards forced the practitioners to run and then scramble on the ground and in the dunghill. In addition, they did not allow them to sleep. At that time Ms. Cao's two daughters were also illegally detained at the target practice field because they had gone to Beijing to appeal. Nearly July 20, 2000, Laishui Town officials arrested her again, fearing that she might go to Beijing to appeal. They forced her to kneel on the pavement in the Town Government's yard and severely beat her using lethal weapons. On December 27, 2000, Her husband was detained at the Laishui County Detention Center; her younger brother was sentenced to forced labor; another younger brother was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Her younger brother's wife became homeless and later also was sentenced to forced labor. Ms. Cao's teenage nephew was detained in another city; her teenage son was detained; and her family had no income. In addition, because of being detained, her young son was traumatized deeply. An intelligent child who was loved by his teachers discontinued his studies. Under the pressure of all the horror, Ms. Cao Xiaoling became weaker and weaker. She died in May 2007.