Chinese name:
Jianwei County Hospital
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Wumaping Prison in Muchuan County
Case Description:

Mr. Zhang Xingcai, 59, was a retired officer of the National Land Administrative Bureau of the Renhe District, Panzhihua City. He lived at Dianshe in Changping Village, Yimin Township, Yanbian County. In December 1999 he went to the local city government to appeal and explain the truth about Falun Gong. Then he went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong in April 2000. He was arrested and held, then sent to a brainwashing center twice. The police arrested Mr. Zhang in March 2004 and held him at the Detention Center of Yanbian County. During the detention, the National Security Team of Yanbian County took him out of the center and tortured him to coerce a confession. The agents handcuffed him to the frame of the window for three whole days. Hanging there, he could touch the ground only with his toes. Agents kicked and punched Mr. Zhang. They slapped his face and hit him in the face with a full bottle of water; they also stuck the water bottle into his mouth. They beat his face till it was black and blue and his mouth bled. They tortured him until he was unconscious many times. Sometimes it rained at night, and the rain drenched him totally. Chilly winds almost froze him, and he shivered the whole night. The agents took turns torturing him, interrogating him, and attempting to coerce a confession. When Mr. Zhang lost consciousness, the agents pulled his hand up and imprinted his fingerprints on the interrogation record. When the guards released him from the window frame, Mr. Zhang could not stand and his wrists were cut and covered with blood. He couldn't walk after they sent him back to the detention center; he was only able to crawl in the cell. They never sent him to the hospital for medical treatment. The 610 Office authorities still didn't feel that they had enough evidence for their report, so they had the inmates torture and interrogate Mr. Zhang for a confession. After the police authorities fabricated the evidence, the Yanbian County Court brought Mr. Zhang to trial in October 2004. He was carried to the court by prisoners. The court sentenced him to seven and a half years.

After practicing Falun Dafa, Mr. Zhang fully recovered from a partial paralysis. Then he was again paralyzed after being tortured. The authorities released him after six months as bailed out for medical reasons. Four officers lead by Li Faming (male) of Hongge Town Police Station went to Mr. Zhang's home and took him out of bed on September 8, 2006, when Mr. Zhang had not yet recovered. They took him to Wumaping Prison in Muchuan County, Sichuan Province.

Around March 20, 2007, the prison authorities called Mr. Zhang's daughter and asked for a sweater, sweatshirts, thick pants, shoes, etc. for a change of clothes. Then on March 30, 2007, between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., the prison phoned the family saying that Mr. Zhang had contracted septicemia and some kind of infection. He died on March 31, 2007.