Lu Tongli - 鲁统利

Chinese name:
Haerbin City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:

Mr. Lu Tongli, 51 years old, was a judge and the head of the executive court of the Fangzheng Forest District Court in Heilongjiang Province. He was arrested by officers from Fanglin District Police Department and was “illegally detained” twice and held in police custody once after July 1999. He was held in solitary confinement in the District Court and interrogated for three months.

Han Dongyi and Shi Ziping from the National Security Section of the Fanglin Police Department detained Mr. Lu on March 6, 2000. The police restrained him in a metal chair during interrogation and verbally assaulted him for more than two hours.

In January 2001, Shi Qinglin, head of the Fangzheng Forest Bureau, and Zhang Baolin, head of the court, attempted to coerce Mr. Lu to attack Falun Gong and its founder on Fanglin Public Television. Mr. Lu refused, and the Communist Party removed him from his position as head of the executive court.

Lu Tongli suffered physically and mentally from severe persecution and died in November 2006.