Meng Xianzhi - 孟宪芝

Chinese name:
Harbin City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City
Case Description:
Meng Xianzhi is a resident of Honghe Development in Taiping District, Harbin City. She was arrested when sleeping in her home in July 2001 while still in her pajamas. She was sentenced to the labor camp and detained in the Team 7. During the miserable days in Wanjia Labor Camp, she was constantly beaten and cursed by Policemen Li Xiuhua, Wang Min, Li Hong, Zhang Hong, and other inmates for insisting to practice the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Many times, she was dragged from the bench to the floor and kicked, slapped, and prodded. She was also dragged from the top bunk bed down to the floor. They pulled her hair and then pushed her against the bed. We could not possibly recount all the incidents here. Director Wu "talked" to her many times and tried to threaten and prevent her from doing exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. Meng Xianzhi endured the inhuman torture and the mental abuse. The long term persecution caused her death.
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