Chinese name:
Fucheng County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Fucheng County Police Department
Case Description:

Mr. Liu Qiusheng lived in Qingdong Village, Cuimiao Township, Fucheng County. On February 22, 2002 he was tortured to death by Kou Wentong, the deputy head of the police department, and by Zhang Zhijun, head of the Political and Security Section. Mr. Liu was 44 years old.

On February 2, 2002, Mou Dafu, Cuimiao Township Party Committee secretary, Jing Shucang from Yinghe Police Department and other officers from the police department arrested Liu Qiusheng without presenting any ID or evidence against him. The only reason for the arrest was that Liu Qiusheng practiced Falun Gong. At the police department, Kou Wentong, the deputy head, and Zhang Zhijun, the head of the Politics and Security Section, tied up Mr. Liu and beat him for more than one hour until he lost consciousness. Later, other detainees said that Liu Qiusheng was savagely beaten many times and was brutally force-fed while being tied to the death bed. In the twenty days between February 2 and February 22, Liu Qiusheng, who was healthy before the arrest, was tortured to death by Kou Wentong and other perpetrators.

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