Li Jingdong - 李京东

Chinese name:
Pingdu City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Pingdu City Police Department
Case Description:
Practitioner Li Jingdong, male, 41 years old, was from Zhangling Village, Yunshan Town, Pingdu City of Shandong Province. On November 3, 2001, Li Jingdong went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He wanted to tell the government his personal experience of how his physical and mental health condition improved after practicing Falun Gong. On November 4, 2001, the policemen in Beijing beat him all over the head and body with a leather belt. On the morning of November 6, he was forcibly escorted back to Yunshan Town Police Station. The abusive police handcuffed him to a tree and whipped him with an electrical cord that was made up of three smaller wires. They attempted to force him to write a "repentance statement" and give up his practice. He said, "Can it be wrong for me to be a good person by following the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance?" He was steadfast to the truth and went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution. The police force-fed him, but he tightly bit the feeding tube. The police were agitated. They cut off the tube and inserted another one into his stomach through his nose. By this time he was nearly dead from the torture; however, the police still did not release him. Six days later, he was sent back to Pingdu City Police Department. Nine days later, his family was informed to pick up his body. A healthy life was thus ended in just a few days.
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