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Chengde Prison
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( [Chengde City, Hebei Province] Policewoman Charged in Death of Practitioner

Latest news from Chengde City Jail where Dafa practitioner Ding Yan was tortured to death: several policewomen beat another female practitioner to death. While being beaten, she "fell" down a flight of stairs. Even so, the perpetrators did not relent, but continued to kick and brutally beat her. This may have been what caused her ruptured bladder. Eventually, the practitioner was found dead in jail. We are not sure about her name. Further investigation is underway.

The practitioner's relatives could not accept the abusive treatment leading to her death, so they complained to the authorities and implicated the policewomen. Finally, the policewoman directly responsible was put under criminal detention and awaits sentencing. Other personnel related to the case were punished. This case greatly affected the judiciary system in Hebei Province. Police officers dare not subject practitioners to such brutal torture. Even some common criminals avoided torture because of this incident.

The female group in Chengde City's Jail is no longer allowed to hold Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners were transferred to Shijiazhuang City's No.2 Jail and Hebei Province' Taihang Jail.

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