Shen Jinyu - 沈金玉

Chinese name:
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Jiangan District Brainwashing Class
Case Description:

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Shen Jinyu, 65 years old, lived in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Both of her kidneys were dysfunctional, and she also had many other kinds of illnesses before she started practicing Falun Gong. She was completely cured after she started practicing Falun Dafa in 1994. In September 1999, Ms. Shen went to Beijing to clarify the truth and was illegally arrested. Communist Party officials sent her to a brainwashing class where she was hung up by her handcuffed hands, put in a metal cage and had her hands shackled behind her back. In December 2002, the Communist officials arrested Shen Jinyu again and sent her to the Siwei Road Police Station, where they handcuffed her hands behind her back and beat her for the whole night. In early 2003, agents from the Siwei Road Police Station dragged Shen Jinyu from her home and took her to Jiangan District Brainwashing Class.

Since the persecution began in 1999, perpetrators from the Siwei Street Communist Party Office, the police station and the Neighborhood Party Committee often ransacked Shen Jinyu's home and took her away and sent her to prison. These outrages under the persecution physically and mentally devastated Ms. Shen. She passed away on January 1, 2006.