Wang Chengyuan - 王成元

Chinese name:
Daqing City
Saertu District No. 3 Oil Extraction Factory
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:

Ms. Wang Chengyuan, 66 years old, lived in the Saertu District No. 3 Oil Extraction Factory in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. Before Ms. Wang started to practice Falun Gong, she was plagued with many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and trifacial neuralgia. After she began to practice Falun Gong in July 1995, all her diseases disappeared. Ms. Wang Chengyuan was once the assistant for the Falun Dafa exercise instruction and practice site at the No. 3 Oil Extraction Factory, where 500 to 600 practitioners once exercised. After Falun Dafa was suppressed, due to the great benefits the practice had brought her, Ms. Wang continued to practice Falun Gong and, as a result, was repeatedly arrested, detained and persecuted.

On February 25, 2000, Ms. Wang went to Beijing to peacefully and lawfully appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. As a result of this appeal she was arrested and detained at the Saertu District Detention Center in Daqing City. During her detention she told the prisoners and police officers the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. When she suffered a dislocation of her cervical vertebra and could no longer control her body, the evildoers no longer dared to keep her, and she was released on April 26. On July 16, 2000, Ms. Wang was again arrested, sentenced to one year of forced labor and sent to the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, for a year of forced labor. A week later, she was sent home due to severe weakness. On November 29, 2000, Ms. Wang again went to Beijing to appeal for an end to the persecution. Once again she was arrested, sent back to Daqing, and detained for more than four months. During that time, both her legs were in extreme pain and no longer functioned due to the persecution she had suffered. On May 16, 2001, Ms. Wang was arrested at home, but, due to her family's pleas, she was released on June 15.

In early July 2005, Ms. Wang's left leg was extremely painful. Both her leg and foot were terribly swollen, and a few days later her vision and hearing started to decline. Her mental state also deteriorated. She died early in the morning on August 6.