Chinese name:
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp/Beijing
Case Description:

( …I also witnessed the torture suffered by a female practitioner in her twenties. The police incited several drug addicts to tie her up to a bed. They then sat on her abdomen, chest, legs and arms and force-fed her with two bowls of salty water. Her abdomen immediately expanded to such an extent that it looked almost about to burst. Then they released her. She was unable to get up. Police then ordered one criminal to pull her up and leaned her against the wall. Another inmate ruthlessly kicked and stomped on her abdomen. Water gushed out from her mouth and nose and her abdomen was no longer expanded. They then force-fed her again and repeated the procedure of stomping on her. After several repetitions of this torture, the police ordered the inmates to tie her up to the bed for two days straight, during which they force-fed her once again. She was forced to relieve herself on the bed. On the third day when I saw her, she was mentally disorientated and did not say a word. She would not speak, and only stared at the wall motionlessly. Her face was covered with big lumps. On the fourth day, the vicious perpetrators transferred her to the second floor and escalated the torture. I heard that she died on the eleventh day. They notified her family that she carried on a hunger strike and died from stomach bleeding.

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