Wang Xianyou - 王先友

Chinese name:
Yushu City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Fenjing Forced Labor Camp
Case Description:
Wang Xianyou was a Falun Dafa practitioner at Yushu City in Jilin Province. He was illegally sent to a labor camp in February 2000, and transferred from Weizigou Labor Camp to Fenjin Labor Camp on July 12, 2000. Although he experienced all sorts of inhuman tortures and was deprived of his freedom, Wang was still firmly determined in practicing Falun Gong. Together with other fellow practitioners, he went on hunger strikes twice to appeal his illegal detention as well as to request to be freed unconditionally. In early January 2001, after 5 days of hunger strike, Wang was dragged to be given force-feeding, but he never returned. Wang's physical health had been very good since practicing Falun Gong. The labor camp did not take responsibility for killing Wang. Such vicious actions astonished Wang's family and awakened them from their previous deception by the Chinese Government's propaganda. Wang's family is now trying to redress the injustice, but the labor camp does not take them seriously and just tries to cover up its crime.
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