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( Ms. Chi Yulian was a resident of Wangjia Village, Lingshui Town, Ganjingzi District of Dalian City, in Liaoning Province. She was persecuted to death in the Yaojia Detention Center of Dalian City.

Ms. Chi was cooking on the afternoon of May 29, 2001 when a group of officers broke into her home. They threw her onto the bed with both of her hands cuffed. After ransacking her home and finding Falun Gong books and materials, they dragged her into the police van, without even allowing her to put on her shoes.

Ms. Chi's husband stepped in front of the van, trying to prevent it from driving off, but his wife was taken away inspite of his actions.

The next day, the police sent Ms. Chi to the Yaojia Detention Centre. At 4:00 pm on June 5, 2001, her husband received a phone call inquiring about whether his wife had a medical history of “heart attacks.” He said no and the caller said, “Chi Yulian suddenly fell unconscious and was suspected to be having a heart attack. She has been sent to the hospital.”

Her husband asked, “Can I visit her?” The caller told him, “You can come to the detention center tomorrow morning.” The following day, when he arrived at the detention center, the director of the police substation told him that his wife had died on the way to Xinshiji Hospital, during an attempt to save her at about 6:00 pm the previous day.

Yet, the director would not show him any proof to support what he said. Her husband demanded to see his wife's body. The police said, “You have to agree to an autopsy; otherwise you will not be allowed to look at the corpse, and you have to sign your name. Since an autopsy is the legal procedure, regardless of whether you sign your name, we have to do one.”

Hence, her husband was deceived into signing his name since, according to the legal regulations, an autopsy can only be done with the family's permission. The autopsy was done in his presence. He saw that there were handcuff marks around his wife's wrists. Because he was so grief stricken, he could not continue looking at the body.

Later, the body was preserved at the detention center and her husband was not allowed to make arrangements for the cremation himself. However, legally the body should be given over to the family to make the final burial arrangements as they see fit.

Her husband consulted a lawyer about whether he could appeal to the court, but the lawyer's answer was that none of the appeal cases related to Falun Gong were accepted or legally heard.

Ms. Chi and her husband had a son who was only ten at the time of her death. The young boy cried for his mother every night.

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