Li Hui - 李惠

Chinese name:
Weiyuan County
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:

Ms. Li Hui, 42 years old, was from Yangliu, Longhui Township, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province. She was arrested in May 2005 at the Chengdu Railway Station after she was found carrying a copy of Zhuan Falun and other Falun Dafa materials. Police brought her back to Longhui Township Police Sub-station the same day. She suffered cruel torture.

The policemen from the Gaoshi Township Police Sub-station also raided and ransacked Ms. Li Hui's parents' home. Ms. Li's father was arrested and taken to the Longhui Township Police Sub-station in Weiyuan County where he learned from conversations with the policemen that his daughter had died as a result of inhuman torture.

Police from the Longhui Township murdered Ms. Li Hui on May 5, and two policemen, disguised as civilians, transported Ms. Li Hui's body in a truck to Huangshanqiao Road, about ten kilometers from her father's (Mr. Li Yingmao) home. They chose a ditch, overgrown with weeds, where water had leaked from an iron pipe, and dumped the body. The policemen pushed Ms. Li's head into the ditch and pulled her dress up from the back to cover her head. They left her in a position to simulate a drowning.

The policemen then informed the crematorium to pick up Ms. Li's body and had some photographs taken. As no family member was aware of Ms. Li's death, police ordered the mortician to perform an autopsy. The mortician was ordered to give false information saying that Ms. Li drowned.

On May 8, three days after Ms. Li Hui's death, police from the Gaoshi Township Police Sub-station notified Ms. Li's family about the death and asked them to come to the crematorium. Policeman Liu Renpin from the police substation asked Ms. Li's father to identify her from a photo. Mr. Li Yingmao identified his daughter. A medical expert said, "Your daughter was not murdered but died accidentally. We did an autopsy and did not find anything suspicious. Maybe there were some problems in her head, so we need to open her head to examine it." Ms. Li Hui's father said, "Why did you cut open my daughter's abdomen without informing us. There is no need to autopsy her head, as she is already dead." Ms. Li Hui's family did not allow Ms. Li's body to be damaged any further. The police extorted from Ms. Li's family 1,730 "yuan" for the autopsy and cremation before they allowed them to take her ashes.