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( Mr. Lin Shihua and his wife, Ms. Lu Shenghui, were repeatedly arrested for holding firm to their faith in Falun Gong. Mr. Lu was detained for 15 days in November 2000. Ms. Lu was arrested one month later and detained for more than two weeks.

Mr. Lin's mother, in her 90s, was traumatized by the arrests of her son and daughter-in-law. She died on January 25, 2001. Mr. Lu requested the release of his wife so she could attend the funeral, and the police sent in town manager Luo to verify his mother had indeed passesd away before allowing his wife home.

Ms. Lu was taken back into custody on February 4, 2001. Mr. Lu was arrested weeks later, on February 28. Their son, then a teenager, had to drop out of school after both of his parents were arrested. A kindhearted person gave the boy some rice, but he didn't know how to cook and started a fire instead. His neighbors found the police to say they'd all be affected if the boy started another fire. Only then did the police release Ms. Lu home to care for her son.

Mr. Lu wasn't released until six months later. But the moment he walked out of the detention center gate, officers Ma Xiangyun, Zhou Hanshun, and Ye Xiangwei seized him and sent him to Xinhua Labor Camp. Mr. Lu was shown to be in poor health during the required physical examination, but the police forced the labor camp to take him.

The night of his admission, Mr. Lin became seriously ill and the guards sent him to the labor camp affiliated hospital. The doctors there warned to not keep him due to his serious condition. The guards took him to two more hospitals for second opinion the next day. All said he had high blood pressure and stroke. On the third day, the labor camp released him.

Mr. Lin did Falun Gong exercises and soon recovered. Officer Ma Xiangyun took him back into custody and sent him to the labor camp again on July 24, 2001.

Mr. Li fell ill again in the labor camp and was carried to the labor camp hospital. His high blood pressure persisted despite treatment. The doctor wondered why the medication didn't help. Mr. Lin said he'd be fine if he was allowed to do Falun Gong exercises. The doctor agreed for him to do the exercises and was amazed to see that his blood pressure returned to normal the next morning. The doctor signed paper on March 22, 2002 to have him released on medical parole.

Mr. Lin learned in February 2003 that the police intended to arrest him again. He left home and moved to Pengzhou City, where his wife joined him later. But Pengzhou police arrested the couple on March 12, 2003. He escaped the next morning. Police in Shifang City found his phone number from his son and called to say, “If you don't come back to us, we'll send your wife to Nanmusi Women's Labor Camp.” To protect his wife, Mr. Lin returned home, and the police allowed his wife to serve one year of forced labor at home.

Mr. Li was held in a brainwashing center for about three weeks in the summer of 2006.

He was again taken to the brainwashing center in 2008. He was very ill at the time and had trouble breathing the night he was sent there. He was rushed to a hosptial and was diagnosed with high blood pressure, bronchitis, and lung problem. He was released the following afternoon.

Two uniformed officers and several plainclothes officers knocked on Mr. Lin's door at around 10 p.m. on September 14, 2017. He refused to open the door and the police stayed at the local street committee's office near his home for one night.

The next morning Mr. Lin went out to do his rickshaw business. The police hopped onto a rickshaw and followed him. They arrested him and didn't release him until six in the afternoon.

Mr. Lin died on April 4, 2018. He was 70.

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