Zhang Yonghua - 张永华

Chinese name:
Laiwu City
Date of Death:
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention:
Case Description:
Mr. Zhang Yonghua, 73 years old, lived in Wenyang Village, Laiwu City, Shandong Province. After he practiced Falun Gong he quit drinking, a habit he had for over fifty years. He no longer needed to wear bifocals. Black hair also grew on his bald head. After Jiang's Regime started to persecute Falun Dafa in 1999, officers from the local police station and from the 610 office frequently harassed Mr. Zhang. In 2000 his five children went to Beijing to appeal. All of them were detained and persecuted. The police took this opportunity to extort money from Mr. Zhang. The policemen also searched his son's home and took away a truckload of copper coils that were used for repairing electric machinery. Head Liu Qing from the Political & Security Section handcuffed his second oldest daughter to a telegraph pole for half a day. They also extorted money from her. Later she was sentenced to three years of forced labor. She is still locked up in the No.1 Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province. His third oldest daughter, who was locked up in detention centers twice and was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp, is now free. His fourth oldest daughter was detained twice. With so much persecution to his family and so many threats, his healthy body deteriorated. After he heard that his two daughters were locked up in forced labor camps, he never got out of bed. Mr. Zhang died on November 10, 2002. He still didn't get to see his two daughters, even when he was on his deathbed.