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( Ms. Fu Peiling and her husband, Mr. Fu Chengyou, were both targeted for their faith in Falun Gong. Ms. Fu went to the Liaoning Province government to appeal for Falun Gong two days after the persecution began on July 20, 1999. The Yingkou City resident was taken back and detained for more than two weeks.

Her husband, Mr. Fu, was arrested in 2002. He developed skin cancer in detention and was released. As the police kept harassing him at home, he left home to wander around. About one month later, on December 11, the police arrested Ms. Fu, her two sons, their wives and infant children. It was Ms. Fu's birthday that day, but she was sent to Bayuquan Detention Center. Her sons and their families were released on the night of their arrest.

Ms. Fu exhibited severe diabetes symptoms in just six days of her detention. More than twenty officers, including Wang Hongkui, came to the detention center and demanded she sign a document saying she “disburbed social stability.” She signed without thinking and was released. After she returned home, she realized it was the police that were disturbing social stability by arresting law-abiding citizens like her.

One of Ms. Fu's daughters-in-law, Ms. Shi Yuejiao, was targeted in November 2004 for practicing Falun Gong. The younger woman had to flee home to avoid being arrested. She was later fired from her school, where she was a teacher. Ms. Fu was traumatized by her daughter-in-law's oreal and had a relapse of her diabetes. She died on March 15, 2008. She was 58.

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全家遭迫害 辽宁营口市鲅鱼圈区符佩玲不幸离世

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