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( Mr. Kong Lingjin, a resident of Boli County, Heilongjiang Province, was first arrested on July 19, 2000, together with his wife, Ms. Sun Shuqin, and a neighbor while the three were doing Falun Gong exercises at his home. They were each detained for 21 days and forced to pay 1,710 yuan. The police confiscated their IDs and kept harassing them at home after their release.

Mr. Kong and his wife were arrested again on December 20, 2005. His wife was released 19 days later and he was given two years of forced labor.

Mr. Kong was transferred to Suihua Labor Camp on January 19, 2006 without being informed in advance. He was found to have high blood pressure during the required physical examination, but the labor camp still kept him.

He was forced to attend brainwashing sessions and do unpaid labor for long periods of time. The labor camp doctor took Mr. Kong's blood pressure every day. Despite his persistent high blood pressure, the labor camp refused to release him. One day in the fall of 2006, Mr. Kong had trouble keeping up with others while walking around the field and the guards took him to the clinic where he was injected with unknown drugs.

Mr. Kong was given several more injections of unknown drugs in the next few months. He felt extremely dizzy every time after the injection and needed help walking. It took him several months to recover his ability to walk.

One morning in April 2007, Mr. Kong suddenly collapsed. The prison guards took him for a checkup and then claimed everything was fine. They still forced him to work during the day and sit on a small bench for hours in the evening. That summer he fainted two more times due to his high blood pressure. Guard Liu Wei claimed he'd not release Mr. Kong no matter how high his blood pressure got.

Another guard, Long Kuibin, ordered Mr. Kong to do military training. He said his blood pressure was higher each time he was given injections. Captain Li Chengchun yelled for him to stop.

Mr. Kong's wife sought his release several times but she was rejected each time. Once she was told to visit her husband in hospital but she was forced to pay for his medical expenses. She was not told of his examination results.

Mr. Kong was released in January 2014. He died on December 28, 2015. In his final days, he endured severe back pain and couldn't even turn in bed.

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