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( Both Ms. Chuang Jing and her husband, Mr. Ma Xuejun, recovered from terminal illnesses by practicing Falun Gong. The Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province residents, however, were repeatedly targeted for upholding their faith. Their daughter was only 15 when the persecution began in 1999 and the young girl grew up in fear.

Mr. Ma was an officer at the Jiamusi Railroad Bureau. He was arrested a total of four times, resulting in one forced labor term of three years and a prison term of twelve years. He was brutally tortured during his imprisonment and became paralyzed. He was carried back home on a stretcher when he was released.

Ms. Chuang was arrested a total of five times and served three forced labor terms. Her last arrest took place on September 19, 2009 when she was reading Falun Gong books with several other practitioners. The police beat her when she resisted being taken away. She had bruises all over her body.

She was first taken to Nangang Police Station before being sent to the local detention center that night. Ms. Chuang felt pain all over her body and there were visible handcuff marks on her wrists. She also passed blood and pus.

Ms. Chuang became thinner and had trouble falling asleep. She repeatedly requested to have a checkup, but the detention center declined to render any medical attention.

She was told on October 14, 2009 that she had been given one year of forced labor. Eight days later, she was sent to Jiamusi Labor Camp. A doctor there said she had high blood pressure and irregular heart beat after giving her a required physical examination. Li Qingbo, an official of the local labor education bureau who escorted her there, asked the labor camp to still take her.

Ms. Chuang's condition kept worsening. She suffered from stomachache and bloated abdomen. Her legs were swollen, and she had abonormal vaginal discharge. The labor camp demanded her family pay more than 100 yuan of checkup fee and released her on November 9, 2009.

While she was still held in detention, her mother-in-law, sister, and daughter kept calling fr her release. The various government agencies involved ignored their requests. Her mother-in-law and daughter had no way but stage a public protest outside the local police station. Officers Zhang Weifu and Zhou Jiajia knocked her mother-in-law, who was in her late 70s, down, and also beat her daughter.

As Ms. Chuang was tortured in detention and didn't receive any medical treatment for her condition, she became totally incapacitated in March 2010. She also suffered from severe anemia and passed out several times. Her heart rate remained at 130 times per minute.

Due to the repeated arrests of her and her husband, Ms. Chuang struggled to make ends meet. In January 2011, the utility company cut off the heating to her home when she couldn't afford to pay the heating fee. It was minus 30 degrees outside, and her family couldn't stop shivering from cold.

Ms. Chuang died on March 4, 2016. She was 60.

Ms. Chuang and her husband were not the only ones in her extended family to have been persecuted for their faith in Falun Gong. More than twenty of her family members have been arrested at one point or another, including her parents-in-law.

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