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( Mr. Cheng Desheng was a Falun Gong practitioner in Yingcheng City, Hubei Province. The police broke into his home on July 22, 1999, two days after the persecution of Falun Gong began. He was detained for 14 days.

Officer Wang Xinhua arrested Mr. Cheng on December 29, 2000 and kept him detained until June 29, 2001. His family wasn't allowed to visit him during his detention. He was abused to the point of having blood in his urine. He was forced to pay 2,500 yuan to the local detention center, but the receipt stated he paid 2,000 yuan, with the detention center director Tang Zhuqing pocketing the remaining 500 yuan.

The police broke into Mr. Chen's clothing shop on August 18, 2001 and arrested him. He was detained for 18 days and forced to pay 200 yuan. Officers Ji Jingbo, Zhou Tao, and Nie Meshan, together with the local village officials, deceived his wife into giving them the couple's house deed and his ID.

Mr. Chen was detained for 12 days in a brainwashing center in November 2002. He was forced to leave home and wander about on January 11, 2003 when the police attempted to arrest him again.

Mr. Chen was arrested in Anlu city on November 26, 2003 and detained at the local police station for three days. The police used a broomstick to hit him on the knees and ankles. They also stomped on his feet and beat him on the face. He vomitted blood as a result. They also didn't allow him to sleep.

He was sent to a detention center on November 29, 2003. The police ransacked his home days later, on December 2. They gave him one year of forced labor but the labor camp declined to take him. He was released on January 13, 2004 after being forced to pay 200 yuan to the detention center.

The police descended at Mr. Chen's home at 7 p.m. on July 23, 2008. They kept him in detention for about three months and released him when he was on the verge of death. Less than three weeks after he returned home, the police attempted to arrest him again. He had to flee and wander around.

Mr. Chen filed a complaint against Jiang Zemin on August 25, 2015. A local official came to his home and demanded he write a statement to not practice Falun Gong. He refused to comply.

He died on August 30, 2016. He was 67.

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