(Clearwisdom.net) I grew up in a large family including my parents and five sisters, who suffered continuous tribulations.

Two of my sisters passed away due to an incurable heart disease inherited from our mother, who also had hyperthyroidism. My mother underwent major surgeries, but the diseases were not completely cured.

In the spring of 1997, my eldest sister and I became ill. We also both inherited the severe hyperthyroidism and incurable heart disease. My symptoms were worse than my sister's. My family took me to see doctors everywhere, but they couldn't cure me. Additionally, I developed severe stomach pain due to taking so many medicines. I felt very sad when I looked at my son and my white-haired mother, who served me Chinese medicine every day. At that time, I lost confidence in life. I felt that my eldest sister and I would follow in our two other sisters' footsteps.

Just when my life was in this desperate stage, my husband brought home the book "Zhuan Falun" from a doctor. Without any thought, I opened it and started to read. A miracle happened right there! As I was reading it, I forgot the pain. The more I read, the clearer my mind was. Then, I started to have the wish to live! From the book, I found many answers to questions that have bothered me since I was young, and I gave up the sorrow over my sisters' deaths (sadly, my eldest sister followed a different practice and eventually passed away).

As I did the exercises, my body and mind reached the best state that I had ever experienced. In just a few days, the diseases were gone, disappearing forever. I changed from an agitated, suffering person to a joyful, confident one.

When my company started to outsource contracts, I became self-employed. Each time my supplies arrived, I would receive and unload two dozen bags of seeds - each bag weighed 110 pounds. Unloading the bags was normally my work. I often carried the bags from the truck to my room one by one.

I changed from a severely sick person who would be out of breath after walking a few steps or speaking a few sentences, to a healthy, strong person in a few days, without spending even a penny. It was a miracle that I had never dared to dream about. Seeing the dramatic change in my body, my family was very grateful to Teacher. My son knelt before the Dafa book and kowtowed several times to Teacher's picture. My family told everyone they met: Falun Gong is so miraculous!

Later, when the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute and slander Dafa, police from the local station and other government officials asked my family to pressure me to give up my cultivation practice. Each time, my family firmly refused to do so. They cited the life-saving changes in my body and mind to refute the evil CCP's slandering of Dafa.