(Clearwisdom.net) At 6:30 a.m. on February 25, 2008, four policemen from the Taihe Police Station barged into the residence of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiulan, a former employee of the Nuerhe Sewing Factory of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. After confirming her identity, they immediately bound her hands behind her back. Two policemen wrapped a cotton blanket around her head and did not even give her a chance to put on her shoes. Then they lifted her and took her downstairs and threw her into the car that was waiting there.

After a while, seven to eight policemen came and ransacked her house. They confiscated 4,800 yuan in cash, a VCD player, an MP3 player, a tape recorder, a mobile phone, her house keys, Falun Gong books and Master's portrait.

They took Ms. Zhang Xiulan to the Taihe Police Station and tied her hands behind her back to a chair. They also tied her feet with a wire and wrapped a cloth around her head. Then they used electric batons to shock her many times. While torturing her, they verbally abused her. They also viciously tugged her hair and slapped her. They tortured her this way for 17 hours. After being shocked with electric batons, Ms. Zhang's toes turned brownish black. At 11 p.m., they forced her sign a document, which they had falsified as being her testimony. They then took her to Jinzhou City No.1 Detention Center.

In April 2008, Ms. Zhang Xiulan suddenly had a stomachache. A policeman took her to the Jinzhou City Police Hospital for an examination, where they found a tumor in her stomach. Later, she was taken to the Jinzhou City Women and Children's Hospital for another examination and her tumor had grown to the size of a small melon.

In August 2008, officials of relevant CCP departments, the Taihe Police Station in Jinzhou City, the court and the 610 Office disregarded Ms. Zhang's health condition and sentenced her to 6 years of imprisonment. Guard Dai Wei and other personnel from the No. 1 Detention Center took Ms. Zhang to the Dabei Prison in Shenyang City. Doctors in the Dabei Prison performed an examination on her and discovered that there were already two tumors growing in her abdomen. There was also another one growing in her neck. Thus the prison refused to admit her. Under such circumstances, Liang Huaifu, the Jinzhou No. 1 Detention Center head, still did not release her.

In early January 2009, guard Dai Wei of the detention center once again took Ms. Zhang to the Dabei Prison Hospital. Her health condition was very serious, and the hospital refused to admit her. Under the persistent request of detention center head Liang Huaifu, the hospital admitted her for one week. After this, Liang Huaifu ordered guard Dai Wei and other personnel to fetch Ms. Zhang Xiulan back and continued to torture her. During this period, her family members came many times and wanted to visit her, but Liang Huaifu instigated his subordinates to refuse the family visitation. It was not until mid April 2009, when Ms. Zhang's health condition worsened further and she could no longer walk, had a blurry vision, and difficulty eating, that she was released on bail for medical treatment after much effort from her family and practitioners. Ms. Zhang Xiulan was tortured at Jinzhou City No. 1 Detention Center for 14 months.