(Clearwisdom.net) Under orders from the 610 Office of Liaoning Province, the police at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp plotted to murder Falun Gong practitioner Yu Ming as a means of pressuring other practitioners to "transform."

Mr. Yu Ming is a Falun Gong practitioner from Shenyang City, and his term of forced labor was up on September 2, 2008. However, the CCP police extended his term for an additional year and transferred him from the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Hospital to the third team of the first division at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (The team was founded on September 29, 2008 to persecute Falun Gong practitioners). The 610 Office of Liaoning Province ordered the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to "transform" 100% of the Falun Gong practitioners. The head of second team's third brigade, Wang Yanmin repeatedly shouted: "We have an allotment of two deaths, whoever wants it can take one." The police showed Mr. Yu Ming a suicide note fabricated by the forced labor camp, and tried to force him to sign it. This was so that they could murder him and cover up their crime with the fabricated statement. Mr. Yu refused to sign it, and the police forced him to press his finger print on the document. They beat him, shocked him with electric batons and hung him up for several days.

The police used an electric baton of 800,000 volts to shock Mr. Yu Ming; police in the forced labor camp typically use an electric baton of 500,000 volts. The electric baton of 800,000 volts was specially designed to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, and it was said to be able to knock a cow out with just one shock. The police used this baton to shock Mr. Yu and also stomped on him once he fell down. Finally the police hit Mr. Yu Ming's head with an iron bar, and he fell down again with blood all over his body. The police made a prisoner bring a container of cold water and wash the blood off Mr. Yu. They changed Mr. Yu's clothes and had a prison doctor stitch the injured area on Mr. Yu Ming's head. Prisoners carried the unconscious Mr. Yu to an isolated cell. Mr. Yu Ming was comatose for one week; during this time his family members were not notified and he did not receive medical treatment.

Directed by orders from the 610 Office of Liaoning Province, the police plotted to hit Yu Ming's head to kill him, and to make the injury look as though he had committed suicide by hitting his head against something. Later, the police used the fabricated suicide note to deceive his family members and told them that Mr. Yu's injury was caused by attempted suicide. This way, the police would not only be free of responsibility, but also be praised by the provisional 610 Office. Besides, they could use this incident to threaten other Falun Dafa practitioners and achieve the goal of forcing all of them to abandon their beliefs.

Mr. Yu Ming has been detained in isolation up to now. The police are afraid of being exposed and have tightly blocked the news. From last August until now, Mr. Yu's family members were not allowed to visit him or bring everyday necessities to him for these nine months. During this period, his family members repeatedly requested to visit him, yet they were blocked by all kinds of excuses from the police. Mr. Yu Ming's family visited the Prison Administration Bureau and related departments; however, nobody paid attention to them. The police are extremely worried about their crime being exposed, and so, whenever a prisoner is released, they carefully search this prisoner by removing all the clothes and checking his personal items to see if there are any phone numbers or notes. Due to the information blockage, this news arrived late.

Mr. Yu Ming has been sentenced to forced labor three times, and he has been detained for over eight years.

Main person responsible for the persecution of Mr. Yu Ming:
Governor of Liaoning Provence, Chen Zhengao (who wrote a letter to the forced labor camp telling them to severely persecute Mr. Yu Ming): 86-24-86892987

People participating in the persecution of Mr. Yu Ming:
Director Gao Hongchang
Team head of the third team, Jing Hongbo
Deputy team head, Yu Jiang (directly ordered and participated in the persecution of Mr. Yu Ming)
Officers: Tu Yupeng, Liu Jum, Jin San (they shouted that they would never change their attitude towards Falun Gong)
Team head of the first team: Zhang Liucheng
Doctors: Na Shuji, Wang Hanyu (they often slapped Falun Gong practitioners)
Team head of the second team: Su Jufeng, Zhi Shunchang, Wang Yangmin (over 50 years old, in charge of the third team)
Team head of the third team: Li Meng (actively participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners)