(Clearwisdom.net) Taichung, TAIWAN - Huang Feng-Shih, Senior Councilor in the Legislative Yuan and former Chair of the Yunlin County Council, watched the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese New Year Spectacular show on March 8, 2009, at the Hui Sun Auditorium of the National Chung Hsing University. It was the Divine Performing Arts' last show in Taichung. Huang said it moved him even more than the last time he saw the Spectacular, explaining,"It's the divine message and feeling that touched me."

Huang Feng-Shih, Senior Counscilor in the Legislative Yuan and former Chair of the Yunlin County Council

"The entire show, from sound to language... I feel the inner connotations and it resonates with my inner self," said Huang.

Leader of Legislative Council: My Eyes Are Full of Tears

Huang experienced a range of feelings during the first piece on program "The Five Millennia Begins." He said, "The minute the curtain rose, the spirit and emotion that have been passed down for thousands of years almost made me cry. I felt proud of being a Chinese and had a sense of mission. The DPA has an absolutely positive effect on promoting a higher moral level in society. It purifies the soul and teaches people to respect gods and have high moral standards."

Huang was an art major. He thought the backdrop animation was very creative. "In 'The Poet's Vision,' fairies came out of the moon and went back. It was very poetic and corresponds to the literal meaning as well," he said.

Fantastic Skills and Ingenious Costumes

Huang was impressed with the skills of the artists. "The techniques in 'The Monkey King Triumphs' were genuine, especially how the pig could curve its body that way, that wasn't easy. The artists made me feel that they had real solid kung-fu experience. In the Tibetan ethnic dance, 'Dance of the Snow-capped Mountain,' the movements were so bold, open and carefree. It doesn't have the restraints of reality. The brown-colored costumes were very Tibetan. I thought I saw fellow Tibetans running freely on the grand grassland. The 'Yi Ethnic Dance'' was beautifully presented, especially the costumes. The artists danced as if they were flying."

Mr. Huang discussed other dances on the program that made an impression on him. "The dance 'Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution' brought out my faith and respect for God. The story gives us courage and strength to hold on to what we see as the truth. ''The Udumbara's Bloom" gave me a feeling of the divine and spectacular. The backdrop that shows the process of the flower blooming was very creative."

Mayor of Nantou: Delivers a Fantastic Conception

Hsu Shu-Hua, Mayor of Nantou

Hsu Shu-hua, Mayor of Nantou, thought the show was absolutely worth her trip, "The show combines five thousand years of Chinese history and culture into dance. For those who don't really understand Chinese culture, they will be able to learn about people from history or mythology."

What Hsu respects the most is the DPA's professionalism and how it incorporates 5,000 years of history into the show. "The DPA delivered a very important message of why people come to the earth. The show is not just a good dance performance but tells people the deeper meaning of why they should be good. The dance 'Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution' teaches us we should respect religions and believe in the goodness of society."

"The Monkey King Triumphs" reminded Ms. Hsu of her childhood and how she stayed in front of the television to watched the show, Journey to the West. "All the characters in the number, including the fox, were lifelike and vivid. This is the first time I saw the story presented this way. Very unique," she said.

Expressing Delicate Emotions

Hsu liked the singing of the soprano because she conveyed a sense of beauty and benevolence. "If people who live in Nantou can see such a great show, that would be great. In fact, the Nantou Cultural Center would be a nice place for the show. If it's possible, I would like to have DPA come to Nantou so that more local residents can see the wonderful performance."

"It's tough to express delicate emotion through pure body language. I was lucky to be able to sit in the front and to see clearly every movement of the artists. Though sometimes they don't face the audience, they still have their backs straight. They were flexible and kept the precision of every movement until the last minute. They are really professional."