(Clearwisdom.net) On July 23, 2008, Ms. Zhang Chunhe was arrested and taken to the brainwashing center in Guangzhou City by agents from the 610 Office and police from Xiyuan Police Station in Zengcheng City (under Guangzhou City), Guangdong Province. She was then taken to the Armed Police Hospital in Guangzhou before the 2008 mid-Autumn festival (August 15 on the lunar calendar) and has been held and persecuted there ever since. When she was held in the hospital, the district court twice attempted to try her but had to give up because Ms. Zhang was critically ill and could not even speak. Up until now, they have refused to release her, and will not offer any explanation to her family members.

According to informed people, the conditions in the Armed Police Hospital, be they the food, the living conditions or the medical treatments, are even worse than in the prison. Some patients have to sleep on the floor even in winter. The rooms are tightly sealed and stuffy, and are not suitable for living. Ms. Zhang's family have talked with Wang Jianlai, the director of the 610 Office in Zhengcheng, many times and strongly demanded that Ms. Zhang be released so that they could take her to a private hospital. Wang has always used all kinds of excuses to not agree to their requests.

Recently it was learned that the cause of Ms. Zhang's whole body edema while she was in the brainwashing center in Guangzhou, was that Zhengcheng 610 Office personnel and the police from Xiyuan Police Station cuffed Ms. Zhang's feet and hands behind her for an extended period of time when they brought her back from the brainwashing center to the police station.

Persons involved in this persecution case:

Head of the Xiyuan Police Station in Zhengcheng City (in charge of persecuting Ms. Zhang): 86-13902330136 (Cell)
Trainer: Song Zhongzhong: 86-13902331193 (Cell), 86-20-82616759, 86-20-32858913
610 Office political and judicial director, Wang Jianlai: 86-20-82723610 (Office), 86-20-32851610 (Office), 86-20-82622833 (Home), 86-13923372833 (Cell)
National Security Division Manager in Zhengcheng Police Department, Liu Weihong: 86-13902331183 (Cell)
Warden of Zhengcheng Jail, Li Kuanda: 86-20-82752158, 86-20-82152158

Earlier report: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2008/10/12/101423.html