(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company held its first show in South Korea on January 31, 2009. The show has been very popular. On the afternoon of February 8th, the DPA gave its final show in Seoul to a packed audience in the Universe Arts Center.

A Gentleman of Korean Nationality from mainland China: It felt as if I myself were in the backdrops

Cao Yong arrived in Korea from Japan just one month ago. He felt extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to watch the show. Cao Yong said, by watching the DPA show, he was saved by God.

He praised the show: "Every program is brilliant, from the costumes, dancing, to the singing. Every program shows the traditional Chinese Culture. The high-tech backdrops are stunning and make one really get into the scene.

Cao Yong said he read the stories about Ji Gong, Mulan and Li Bai when he was a little kid, thus has deep impression of the programs "The Poet's Vision", "Monk Ji Gong Abducts the Bribe", and "Mulan Joins the Battle". He said, "Every program is unique and unforgettable".

"I did not come in vain this time"

Mr. Cao believed that the most important aspect he gained from the show was the message from the show that "The gods and Buddhas are coming to our human world to save people, and it is very important for those who have predestined relationships." He said, "I am very lucky that I have been saved by gods. and I did not come in vain this time."

Mr. Cao said after watching the show, he enlightened that "There exist gods in the dimension that we can't see. At that important moment, as God comes to save you, it is always right that you need to follow his direction." He said seriously: "A life being saved is the most important and sacred."

Korean ethnic sisters from mainland China: Divine Performing Arts show is so good that it is beyond words

Two sisters surnamed Zhu are from China's Heilongjiang Province, and just came to Korea. They came to watch the show at their relatives' recommendations. "The programs are excellent. The backdrops are beautiful and vivid, the costumes are stunning and pleasant. The show is beyond our expectation." They said that before attending the show, they were not sure if the show was really as good as their relatives' recommendation. However, after the show, they said," After watching the show, we feel it is beyond words."

The elder sister said that the inner meaning of the song "Let Reason Prevail" made her ponder. Both said that the program "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution" left the deepest impression on them.

When they described their feelings for the program, "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution", they were deeply drawn into the story. The elder sister said, in the village they live in mainland China, they witnessed the exact same scene as the persecution shown in the program. It is painful to witness innocent people being persecuted and she could not hold back her tears. The younger sister said, "The persecution scene in the program is so real that I was moved into tears." They both felt happy when they saw the gods and Buddhas descend from heaven and the father who was tortured to death ascend to heaven.

My relatives in China are not as fortunate as I am

Mr. Cao [different from the above mentioned Mr. Cao], who came to Korea three years ago, came to see the show because of his friend's recommendations. He was excited after the show: "The show is so great, I am very happy, my relatives in China are not as lucky as I am."

Mr. Cao said he did not expect that he could watch the traditional Chinese culture show performed by overseas Chinese, let alone to watch a show this great and profound. He said that he had gained a lot.

Mr Cao said, "I have never seen such a beautiful show, especially the first program, "The Five Millennia Begin". I was so excited as the curtain was opened and I saw the higher beings descending to the earth to save sentient beings. The scene is so beautiful and spectacular.

Mr. Cao said, "It is definitely worth watching, definitely a worthwhile trip, the beautiful costumes, the backdrops are like in heaven. The dancing is excellent as well, every program is excellent." Lastly, he said, " It is a great pity that my relatives are all in China, they don't have the good fortune as I do. If the show were in China, I would bring all my family to see it."

The Schedule of Divine Performing Arts tour show in Japan

Divine Performing Arts International Company finished touring in Korea on February 8, 2009, and will have seven shows in four different places in Japan starting February 11, 2009. The first show will be at Hitomi Memorial Auditorium in Showa Women's University. Then it will continue to perform in Nagoya, Hiroshima, and Osaka.