(Clearwisdom.net)Ms. Zhang Xiulan, a resident of the Taihe District in Jinzhou City and three other practitioners had masks pulled over their heads when they were arrested in February 2008. Ms. Zhang was then beaten by a group of police officers and mercilessly shocked with an electric baton. She still has scars from the electrical shocks that she received that day.

After the officers tortured the four practitioners into confessing a crime that they did not commit, they were taken to a detention center. Later, Ms. Zhang felt pain in her abdomen and was diagnosed as having an ovarian cyst about four inches in circumference. She also had a tumor on her neck the size of a golf ball.

Between August 4 and August 8, 2008, four attorneys from Beijing who had heard about the practitioners' plight, decided to defend them in court, seeking a "not guilty" verdict. Two of the attorneys, Mr. Li Heping and Mr. Jiang Tianyong told reporters that the charges against the practitioners were all fabricated and as such any evidence that the police submitted to the court was not admissible.

In addition, the whole court proceeding was a travesty of justice, including the fact that all four practitioners were tortured into confessing a crime that they did not commit.

Ms. Zhang told the court, "Soon after I arrived at the detention center, I felt pain in my abdomen. After seeing a doctor, I was diagnosed as having an ovarian cyst which had grown to five inches in circumference. Right now I have a tumor on my neck as big as a golf ball. When I asked the guards at the detention center to allow me to see a doctor, they told me that I would first have to guarantee, in writing, that I would stop practicing Falun Gong."

Ms. Zhang Xiulan, Mr. Huang Cheng, and Mr. Qu Chengye each received six-year prison sentences while Ms. Liu Fengmei received a 13-year sentence. In December 2008 When Ms. Zhang was taken to the Shanyang City Women's Prison, the guards refused to accept her due to the size of her tumor.

As a result, she was taken back to the Jinzhou City First Detention Center where she remains to this day. Not only is she as thin as a rail, but hair had turned completely white. Even though she is in critical condition, Li Weijia, the chief of the Jinzhou City 610 Office and Wang Hui, the chief of the Anti-evil Cult Division of the Jinzhou City Police Department, refused to release her.

On February 25, 2008, Ms. Zhang was arrested by officers from the Nu'erhe Police Station and the Taihe District Crime Police Division. After her arrest, no additional information was provided to her family.

Then in the latter part of June 2008, Ms. Zhang's husband received a call from Dai Yong, a police officer from the Taihe District National Security Division, saying, "Your wife is critical condition."

When Ms. Zhang's mother went to the National Security Division to inquire about her daughter, the receptionist placed a call to Dai telling him that he had visitors. When Dai met with Ms. Zhang's mother and relatives, he said, "Ms. Zhang's case has been transfered to the court. What I previously said about her doesn't apply. So nobody will meet with you today, not even the director of the police department."

Dai asked the family members how they knew his name, to which the relatives replied, "Didn't you call Ms. Zhang's husband and tell him that his wife was in critical condition?" Dai did not reply. A moment later, he nervously replied, "There is nothing special about Ms. Zhang's case!" Ms. Zhang's mother and relatives were thus unable to see Ms. Zhang.

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January 25, 2009