(Clearwisdom.net) The successful Divine Performing Arts show in Seoul has become a big event in the Korean performing arts field. Many celebrities were drawn to see the performance, including Ms. Yeo Woon Ge, who played the Palace Lady Jeong in the TV drama "Jewel in the Palace." She saw the fifth show on the evening of February 7, 2009.

Ms. Yeo Woon Ge

Remember the DPA Deep Down Inside

Ms. Yeo, 69, is a famous movie star in Korea. She graduated from the Korean Language Department of Korea University. She is very much loved by audiences in her over 30-year movie career, and is a national treasure. Among others, she has received the Special Award in SBS at the 1996 Performing Arts Awards, high honors at the 2000 KBS Performing Awards, etc.

The entire exquisite performance and the profound inner meaning touched Ms. Yeo deeply. She stated, "It is so moving that it makes me speechless. The show surpassed every level of dancing and singing, and guides audiences to enlighten to life's principles of what is reincarnation, what is transmigration, and so on. I am so excited inside that it is hard to express myself."

During the intermission, Ms. Yeo highly praised the excellence of the performance. "The music, the movements, and the colors are very beautiful, and the stories are meaningful. The backdrops are beautiful paintings, like poetry, and were pleasing."

The most impressive program to Ms. Yeo was "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." She said with tears in her eyes, "When I saw the scene of the father being beaten to death and then ascending to heaven, my heart ached."

Ms. Yeo highly recommended the DPA performance and said, "This show is not enough just to watch with your eyes, but you must remember the show in your mind from deep down inside. Choreographers and dancers should definitely come and see the show. Not only for our culture, but to learn the cultures of others and to preserve Korean cultural traditions."

Both Eastern and Western People Like the Show

Ms. Yeo especially mentioned the huge turning wheel or dial in the backdrop of "Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope." That scene caused her to do a lot of thinking. She said, "My understanding is that all things have the same goal. No matter if it's east or west, life or death, they will form one body in the end. This inner meaning really moved me. No matter if people were from the east or west, they would all love the DPA show. Maybe westerners can relate to it even more."

Like the Clear Spring Water Hidden in Your Soul Too Long

When Ms. Yeo heard that DPA will be performed in over 80 cities worldwide, she expressed her deeper feelings, saying, "Recently, everything is happening so fast, and people have no time to think amidst the whirlwind. The DPA show carries many things from a serene level and initiates the audience into deep thinking with peaceful scenery, and people therefore become calm.

"It doesn't matter if you're young or old, DPA can make you to think. I hope everyone in the world can see the show, especially the Korean people living overseas." She also mentioned that her own feelings on seeing the show were hard to express, as they "are like spring water coming out of the ground," like her soul coming out little by little.