(Clearwisdom.net) A miracle that happened to me when the 2008 Divine Performing Arts World Tour VCD arrived in mainland China.

I had 200 CDs that I was going to use to copy 100 sets of DPA VCDs. One night after work, I started making the VCDs, and when I finished copying the first half of the show onto 100 CDs, I suddenly noticed that I had used five extra CDs. I was thus five CDs short for the second half of the show. I didn't have any extra CDs, and it was close to midnight. I was worried and anxious. I thought to myself how careless I had been. With such an easy task given to me by Master, I hadn't put my heart into my work. I felt ashamed and very guilty.

I stopped my work, and calmed myself down to find the reason why I had made such a mistake. After reflecting, I found that I had an attachment to showing off that had been taken advantage of. My thoughts were, "I can be the first one to make the VCDs and I can make 100 of them to meet fellow practitioners' expectations of watching the show." I had an attachment of showing off to demonstrate that I have strong skills. I mixed ordinary thoughts and attachments into my work, and the work done was not based on a pure heart of saving sentient beings. My mistake caused the evil to take advantage of this loophole. After I found myself having such a show-off mentality, I sent strong righteous thoughts and confessed the mistake to Master and asked for help.

When I tested five copies of the CDs, that's when the miracle happened. The five extra VCDs that I had made for the first half of the show became copies of the second half of the show. Immediately my eyes started to tear and I felt so excited and happy. When we are able to look within and rectify our thoughts and actions, Master can turn back the tide!

January 12, 2009