(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ji Yunzhi is a resident of Bairin Zuoqi Prefecture, Chifeng City, Inner-Mongolia Autonomous Region. She was arrested multiple times for her practice of Falun Dafa and its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In 2001, she was tortured in the Tumuji Women's Forced Labor Camp until she became disabled. As a "security precaution" during the 2008 Olympics, she was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp, where she was nearly tortured to death. Here are details of the persecution of Ms. Ji in 2008.

On the evening of April 25, eight or nine police officers arrested Ms. Ji while she was on her way home from her mother-in-law's house. She suffered a heart attack, which triggered a seizure, and she lost consciousness. Despite her condition, the officers put her in the police vehicle and took her to the prefecture detention center. They left her on the freezing cold cement floor for more than an hour. Prison doctor Wang Jila treated her with acupuncture, but he poked the top of her head and the soles of her feet until they bled and then punctured her "philtrum point" (below the nose) all the way to the bone.

Ms. Ji continued to experience spasms after her treatment. The backs of her hands slammed against the floor repeatedly, causing bruises and swelling. Dr. Wang assumed she was faking and said cold-heartedly, "It's no use to pretend. You've done this many times before, and you were taken to forced labor anyway." Ms. Ji's spasms lasted the entire night, but no one cared. Wang Yulan and another inmate took turns sitting on her arms to prevent them from moving. When the police later interrogated her, the spasms made her head hit the wall. The officers responded by grabbing her hair and pulling her head away from the wall.

When Ms. Ji lost consciousness, the guards dragged her by her handcuffs to be photographed. Her toes bled, and her wrists were cut deeply by the handcuffs, leaving a permanent scar. A plainclothes officer slapped her face so hard it was swollen for over a month. After she regained consciousness, she pointed to her wounds and told Deputy Director Li Guozhu, "Look at how severely they beat me." Li replied simply, "That's over now."

Ms. Ji was detained in the prefecture detention center for about six days. When she went on a hunger strike without water to protest her treatment, the guards brutally force-fed her until she choked. She was covered with bruises and scars. The detention center's management feared that she would die there, so they took her to the Hohhot City Women's Forced Labor Camp on April 30. Ms. Ji was unable to take care of herself in the camp. She had two heart attacks and had to be rushed to the Hohhot City First Hospital each time.

Ms. Ji's torture continued even in the hospital. Although she was unable to keep food down, the inmates (all female) assigned to take care of her--including Bai Cui'e, Liu Aiping, and Wang Aixiang--forced her to eat. They sat on her to force-feed her, causing her to pass out twice. On one occasion, she began to have spasms and lost consciousness when Liu sat on her. She responded by throwing cold water on her. On another occasion, the inmates pinched Ms. Ji's lips until they split and forced two spoonfuls of milk into her mouth. They falsified the record to show that they had force-fed her an entire bowl. Wang even tied Ms. Ji's hands to the bed to prevent her from moving.

Hospital Department Chair Li Qifang threatened Ms. Ji, "We have many other methods to force-feed you, including nose tubes and jaw openers. If you die here, your family will never know how you died." Inmate Liu brutally beat her many times after she was encouraged by the doctors and guards. The hospital downgraded Ms. Ji's condition to "critical" twice. The second time was at the beginning of October. Doctors diagnosed her with heart disease, gallbladder disease, and other illnesses. The labor camp finally agreed to give her a medical discharge. Her family brought her home on October 8, 2008.