(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of August 7, 2008, Li Zhenxing, the eldest son of Mr. Li Wenhe, a Falun Gong practitioner in Daxin Village, Xiantai Township, Mancheng County, Hebei Province, was distributing Falun Gong materials about the persecution when he was taken away by people working for the CCP in Liuma Village, Xiantai Township. Ma Liuquan, another practitioner in Yang Village, Hanzhuang Township, Baoding City, was taken away at the same time. Fan Shuzheng, secretary of the local CCP, led the arrests. Li Zhenxing was detained in the Mancheng County Detention Center, and Ma Liuquan was sent to Hanzhuang Rural Police Station.

The two were beaten in the Xiantai Rural Police Station. In the materials describing the local persecution, Yang Ping, deputy leader of the Rural, was described as talking about when Li Wenhe's home was ransacked. Yang Ping got very angry, and that night, people working for the CCP in the village, rural and county level, watched Li Wenhe's home overnight. On August 8, his home was ransacked by police led by Shi Junbao and Liu Guowei. They found a copy of "Minghui Weekly" and eight one-centimeter wide slips of paper with information about Falun Gong on them.

On the evening of August 8, Mr. Li Wenhe, his wife Zhou Wenfang, and a younger son, Li Zhenning, were arrested and taken to the Xiantai Rural Police Station. They were isolated and interrogated. On August 9, Li Wenhe and Zhou Wenfang were sent to the Mancheng County Detention Center and detained for ten days. The warrant contained falsifications, as the eight scraps of paper became eight pages of Falun Gong materials. Li Wenhe refused to sign the warrant, but was still detained.

On August 16, Zhou Wenfang was seriously ill and was returned home. Li Zhenning was transferred to Zhuozhou brainwashing center on August 9, and later was sent to Xiaobailou brainwashing center in Baoding. After the Olympic Games, he went back home on August 25, but was not allowed to go back to work. He was told he must wait until the end of the Special Olympics. Li Wenhe and Zhou Wenfang went back home on August 16, but were watched over closely. His door was locked, and was watched over by many people working for the county, rural area and village. It is said that Yang Ping, deputy director of the rural area, directed much of the persecution efforts. Li Wenhe lost his freedom of movement, and didn't know the situation outside.

On July 13, 2008, officers in Daxinzhuang Village tried to confiscate identity cards and residence booklets, with the threat of arrest for not cooperating. Li Wenhe and his family members were taken away. Several days later his home was ransacked. The many things confiscated included Dafa books, over 50 kg of corn, a 50 kg bag of carbamide, about 40 kg of ammonium, about 50 kg of seed, a tricycle, a small lorry, a corn-seeding machine, a roll-over plough, part of a wheat seeding machine, and over 200-meters of tubing for irrigation. Afterwards, the deputy director the Xianhe Rural gave 1,000 yuan in compensation, but Li Wenhe's family would not take it. They gave it to Li Wenhe's nephew Yu Dalong.

Yang Ping, deputy director of Xianhe Rural, Mancheng County, Hebei Province: 86-13932215837 (Cell)

Lu Hongwen, director of Xianhe Rural Police Station: 86-13013244883 (Cell)