(Clearwisdom.net) Some Dafa practitioners, intentionally or not, have for a long time held attachments to prophesy. Why is this? I believe the root of the issue is that they are attached to ending the persecution. Once they find a prophesy that contains information about the end of the persecution, they become very attached to it. They are not attached to prophesies that don't mention the end of the persecution.

Being attached to prophesy is actually being attached to the ending of the persecution, and many practitioners are attached to it because they fear being persecuted. The root of the problem is fear. How do we let go of fear? Studying the Fa well is always a priority. After studying the Fa, you may ask yourself, "Do I truly believe in the Fa? If I truly do, then the Fa says that Master will give disciples the supernormal power of righteous thoughts from the Buddha Fa. I should have the ability to completely eliminate all evil. Then why do I still have fear? If I am afraid, it means that I don't believe in the Fa, and don't believe I have the Buddha Fa's supernormal powers."

Sometimes, when I think about whether I could be persecuted, I come up with an idea, "I have the Buddha Fa's supernormal powers. Master is beside me. That tiny bit of evil can't do anything. I believe that a god won't consider what the evil forces could do to him. Because in the eyes of a god, that tiny bit of evil is nothing." Then, shouldn't Dafa practitioners see the evil forces in the same light? If Dafa practitioners were all like gods, then whether persecution exists or not would have no affect on practitioners.

Of course, we should also understand that only gods have the Buddha Fa's supernormal powers. Master can only bestow it to gods, not humans. Then, in Dafa practitioner's daily cultivation, are we walking toward godhood? If we are, then we have supernormal powers. If we conduct ourselves like humans, then what can we have? When I am in a good cultivation state, I felt energetic all over my body, and could handle anything. When I am in a poor cultivation state, I see myself as tiny and the feeling of fear surrounds my heart.

We should believe in the Fa after reading the Fa, and do as the Fa says since we believe in the Fa. Our supernormal powers will then unfold when we do things according to the Fa.