(Clearwisdom.net) From reading some articles on the Internet and also from talking with other fellow practitioners, I noticed that due to long-term persecution, some fellow practitioners count on the CCP's collapse to end the persecution. Because of hoping for the CCP to collapse sooner, some fellow practitioners were attached to something happening during the Beijing Olympics, while some were attached to certain prophecies. Some fellow practitioners have a resentful attitude whenever people mention the CCP. Whenever people mentioned the CCP's activities, they would automatically think "Let this Party collapse quickly!" And in the meantime they hoped for some external factor or some sudden event to happen to cause the CCP to collapse. But they forgot the most basic point: the current condition is arranged for the needs of Dafa and what is happening now is also driven by Dafa practitioners' mentalities. It is absolutely right for a noble ordinary person to hope that the CCP will collapse and then use all kinds of human methods to accomplish that. But if a Dafa practitioner also thinks the same way, it will be against Dafa's requirements.

Then, what should we do as Dafa practitioners?

First, we should think from Dafa's standpoint. Dafa is the universal law. Nobody has the right to test Dafa. The CCP's persecution towards Dafa is also something we should not acknowledge. Therefore we do not accept the persecution. But from Dafa practitioners' standpoint, what should we do to end this persecution? Should we follow what the ordinary people do? Can we hope some ordinary person steps out or a certain person becomes a leader, or hope a natural disaster comes or some accidental event happens to cause the CCP to collapse? Or do we wish for certain prophecies to come true? We know that the CCP in the human world is made of countless individuals such as members of the Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. These people combine together and make up the evil CCP organization. But many of these people were forced to join the Party and many of them were cheated when they joined the Party. These people need us to save them. When we clarify the truth to them, they withdraw from the CCP. When there are less and less people in the CCP's organizations, isn't that the CCP heading for disintegration? When people learn the truth, they will naturally choose justice and kindness. Then, will the CCP's persecution exist any more? It will not. That is to say that to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP's organizations will bring another effect which is disintegrating the CCP.

We also know that an ordinary person will not dare to persecute Dafa practitioners because the Teacher once said (not exact words) that an ordinary person is very weak in front of a practitioner. The real main culprit of those who are persecuting Dafa practitioners are the evil rotten demons. Because some human beings have the support from those evil beings, those ordinary people who do not know the truth dare to do evil deeds towards Dafa, including persecuting Dafa practitioners. The purpose of us sending forth the righteous thoughts is to eliminate those evil beings. When ordinary people are not under the control of those evil beings, they will not persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Then, the evil persecution will not exist any more.

Furthermore, the CCP tries to defame Dafa and fabricated lots of rumors and thus many people have misunderstandings towards Dafa. From the Fa standpoint, it is a test towards Dafa by the old forces with the excuse of testing Dafa practitioners. But the Teacher does not acknowledge this. So how can we restore Dafa's good reputation? We need to firmly cultivate ourselves. By following Dafa's requirements, we should try to get rid of all attachments and not allow the evil old forces to take advantage of loopholes. In the meantime, we need to do our work well in the human world to show the beauty of Dafa and embody Dafa. Thus the manifestation of the human world will naturally let the evil lies fail. Then nobody will believe in the CCP. Won't the CCP be disintegrated?

In fact, Dafa practitioners doing the three things well will naturally disintegrate the CCP and will gradually end the persecution. However, if Dafa practitioners count on the ordinary people's certain methods or manifestations, it will not only have no effect of disintegrating the CCP, on the contrary, it will allow the old forces to take advantage of loopholes.

At present, time is very limited. My understanding was that it might be that the old forces arranged to gradually eliminate human beings and it might be that some people will be targeted for elimination before they have the chance to know the truth. For instance, the recent earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, China. Many of the people who died did not know the truth. But we also believe that if they learned the truth about Falun Dafa, they might have survived. For example, there were students from two classes in the Beichuan Middle School who had learned the truth and were saved when the earthquake happened. Therefore, we should not think that we will take our time and gradually save people. The evil old forces will not wait for us to do things slowly. Time will not wait for us.

Now I understand that everything in this human world is arranged for Dafa. Dafa practitioners are the key players. It is not that Dafa practitioners do things according to the occurrences in the human world. It will be truly great if we can do the three things well. When we do the three things well, everything will change for the good. For example, if our whole body of practitioners do the three things well, we will naturally show Dafa's power. Then the CCP's wicked nature will be more clearly recognized. More and more people will be awakened. The CCP will naturally be disintegrated. Fellow practitioners, let's not be attached to the manifestations in the human world and truly cultivate ourselves well. We must look inward unconditionally whenever we encounter conflicts, and solidly do the three things well. We must be responsible to ourselves, to Dafa, and to all sentient beings.