(Clearwisdom.net) When I read a fellow practitioner's experience sharing regarding interference from other dimensions because he was attached to computer games, I immediately thought of "Demonic Interference in Cultivation" from Zhuan Falun. From reading the article, I realized that the author might have had a deeply competitive mentality. This may be the reason why he "always wants to play; does not want to indulge, but cannot stay away from it." I understand that this is the result of one not searching deep enough to find one's fundamental attachment and eliminating it, thus fostering the attachment and allowing it to grow.

Though practitioners have both Buddha nature and righteous thoughts to help us, if we cannot face attachments and get rid of them, it will be our downfall. If we do not truly put our hearts into it, the human side cannot cast aside those attachments. This is possibly due to:

"... the black qi is not the fundamental cause of an illness. It is because there is a being in a deeper dimension who generates this field." (Zhuan Falun, "Lecture 7")

If we look at the attachment as a living being, then all the desires, illusions and interference generated from the attachment are just like the black qi emitted by such a living being. If we only use righteous thoughts to eliminate the black qi, then it will not work. We should instead look inside, find the root of the attachment, and eliminate it. When our main consciousness finds the root of the attachment and we have a strong will to eliminate it, Teacher's Law Bodies or our own supernatural abilities will eliminate that being. After we get rid of an attachment and look back at that attachment, we will find that it was nothing, though at the time it seemed like an immense challenge.

Perhaps before we started to practice Falun Dafa in this lifetime or even in previous lifetimes, we may have practiced martial arts or participated in practices with both internal and external cultivation, or we may have retained vestiges of our competitive mentality, drawing the attachment of competitiveness to us. Even though we now practice Falun Dafa, if we do not do well due to a lack of Fa study and let our attachments become too strong, then it will create undue difficulties for our cultivation.

We know that cultivation is a most serious matter, so we must do our cultivation with the most solemn attitude. Only then can we truly improve. If we allow the demonic side to reign, then we will certainly be interfered with.

Personally I am not interested in playing computer games, but I strongly felt the anguish suffered by practitioners in that regard, so I decided to write down my thoughts to share with fellow practitioners. I believe that learning from each other, exchanging views and improving together is of great importance. My level is limited and my understanding might be insufficient, so I hope that fellow practitioners will kindly point out any errors or incorrect understandings.