(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I met two practitioners. One of them mentioned that he was sleepy whenever he studied the Fa. The other practitioner said that he couldn't rationally understand the Fa. He read one page after another, but afterwards he couldn't remember what he had read. He didn't enlighten to anything either. He was very worried and concerned about this. Regarding this, I will share my experience and understanding in recent Fa-study. Dafa is broad and profound. My personal understanding may not be reach the standard of the Fa. Please point out anything incorrect.

For a while in the past, I was in the state of "being in a hurry." I studied the Fa in a hurry, clarified the truth in a hurry, and lived my life in a hurry. Exhausted both physically and mentally, I felt as if even my heart was beating faster too. Eventually, I realized that the habit of "hurrying" was not a correct state for a practitioner to be in. How could I correct myself? I immediately recalled Master's words, "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." ("Drive Out Interference," Essentials for Further Advancement II) I knew what to do.

1) Study the Fa with a calm and quiet mind. When it is time to study the Fa, you should only study the Fa. When it is time to do the exercises, you should only do the exercises. When it is time to clarify the truth, you should just clarify the truth. You must not do one thing while thinking about another thing. Whatever you do, just put your whole heart into it. If you also focus on a lot of other things in your mind as you study the Fa, then how could those levels upon levels of Buddhas, Taos, and Gods enlighten you? Studying the Fa in this state also reflects a disrespect towards Master and the Fa. Moreover, an overwhelming amount of thoughts in your mind as you study will also cause thought karma, which is interference. My method is to recite Lunyu and "Your Main Consciousness Should Predominate" before I study, then my divine side will be very clear-minded while I study the Fa.

2) Drive out all kinds of interference. When everything is ready, I cross my legs into the double lotus position and sit up straight (when the legs are in pain, I straighten them out to relax). With a serious and careful manner, I begin to study the Fa. Sometimes I will be thirsty, sleepy, or begin thinking about other things. No matter what it is, I treat it as interference and am not moved by it. Even if the sky falls down, I would still persist in studying the Fa. My heart is rock-solid. I was determined not to be swayed. Quickly, all kinds of interference were dissolved by the Fa. My mind became clear. Little by little, I was surrounded by a compassionate and warm energy. My mind became quieter and quieter. I went in the state of ding (tranquility/concentration) deeper and deeper. You must remember that any interference is demonic illusion. You should not have any desire to go along with it. If you go along with it by laying down when you are tired or taking a nap, it will be hard to wake up once you've fallen asleep. One must have a strong will and endurance. This tiny little hardship is nothing. We have such a magnificent Master, such a great Fa! If we don't treasure them, aren't we being foolish and losing our opportunity?

3) Calm your heart and quietly read the book. You must remember not to pursue speed and quantity. Even if you study only one or two lectures in a day, it is OK. Nobody is forcing you. After studying the Fa, you will obtain as much as you have enlightened to. The key is how much have you enlightened to. When quietly and carefully studying the Fa, your mind will become empty. In addition to that, you are studying with the heart or mindset of respecting Master and the Fa, and when Master sees it, he will enlighten you. But we must not study the Fa with the attachment of pursuing being enlightened. Keep a state of "free of intention," and letting things happen naturally, a state free of desire or pursuit is the best mental state to be in. When you study the Fa with a pure and calm mind, you will often be moved by Master's compassion and even become tearful, experiencing infinite gratitude for Master's salvation of you. You will also feel the broadness and profoundness of Dafa, and understand the Fa from various levels. There are many feelings that are hard to describe. Sometimes, a strong surge of energy would come over my body. I was almost unable to withstand its power. I felt as if I was going out of my body and flying up to the clouds! Sometimes, my gratitude towards Master came surging out from the levels upon levels of my beings. I was so fortunate to be chosen by Master, to attain the Fa in this ordinary world at this final period of the Last Havoc, to become Master's disciple, a particle of Dafa. I often tell myself, "Having such a Master, having such Dafa, what else do I need!"

To those practitioners who cannot seem to attain the Fa because they are experiencing interference and those who can't seem to focus to really study the Fa well, I hope very much that you will become clear-minded about this. You must recognize your fortune when you walk into a golden mountain. Don't stand there empty-handed! What a once-in-a-many lifetimes opportunity you would have lost! It is time to seriously think about this. Since you have taken up the path of cultivation, you should walk the path with determination and not leave any possibility for regret later on. The path of cultivation is not something you can muddle through and then reach Consummation. The great waves shift the sand. Only the genuine gold will remain!