(Clearwisdom.net) I am now 54 years old and I gratefully learned Falun Dafa at the end of 1996. I would like to share some of my experiences and understandings of practicing Dafa with fellow practitioners.

"Fa" Principles Saw Me Through Difficult Situations

My home is also a truth-clarification materials production site. No matter what the superficial manifestation of evil, it has no effect on my material production site. This is how I understand the concept of home: "home" is private among everyday people; it is a private living place and no one should come in without my permission. From the Dafa perspective, home is the space given by Teacher for me to practice, it is a place to assist in Fa-rectification, and it is guarded by Teacher. It is not just a home as long as we have righteous thoughts and righteous acts. Teacher is guarding us and my home has not met with any interference. Fellow practitioners can enter into the materials production room, but when my everyday relatives or friends come over, I send out a thought they will not enter that room and most do not even ask. Although some individuals asked to go in, I was not moved and I told them no and they did not insist.

Once I was visited by a former practitioner who gave up practicing after being persecuted. She insisted on going into the materials production room, but I was not influenced. I quietly asked Teacher not to let her prevail and then after a while she stopped persisting and then left.

Before the Beijing Olympics, local police stations and neighborhood committees came to check residents' permits and they wanted to register permanent residents. I did not let them in my home. I spoke to them outside and told them to just leave the registration form and then they left.

I do not cooperate with evil in any environment or situation.

Since I learned to use the Internet I rarely have visited everyday people's websites. I understand the computer and printer is our Fa implement given by Teacher and I can only use them for the right purpose. I do not allow others to use my computer to visit everyday people's websites. I only use it for making truth-clarification materials and visiting Minghui/Clearwisdom. No matter how the evil blocks the Internet, it never has an effect on me; I can access the Internet freely.

Whenever I go shopping for office supplies, I openly tell the shops what I need. I tell them in my heart not to make money dishonestly, so they do not charge me too much, generally just the wholesale price. The businesses normally assume that I am buying supplies for a school or institution. We also know from the Fa teachings that we should conform to the everyday society, while everything in the world is here for the Fa.

Fa Principles Harmonize My Family

My husband did not use to support me in practicing Falun Dafa, as he was deeply poisoned by the atheism. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong he opposed me even more for practicing. He felt ashamed to have his wife practicing Falun Gong. One night he had a fit of rage. "Good or evil is the result of a person's spontaneous thought," I said to him, "One day you will be proud to stand before others and tell them your wife is a Falun Gong practitioner." Now he often takes the initiative to tell his friends and colleagues that his wife practices Falun Gong and he lets them know that he is especially proud.

I also fund the materials production. When we first began to make materials, a fellow practitioner informed me that we would need several thousand yuan to purchase equipment. I said, "No problem. My life is given to me by Teacher. I should pay some money." I have not had any financial difficulty from making the materials. Whenever I need money for making materials, I just ask my husband (as he oversees the finances at home) and he never says no. My family has not been short of money. The evil Jiang's mandate of "destroy them financially" has no effect on me.

I take care of my 6-year-old granddaughter in my home. I have raised her throughout her childhood. I believe the child is with me to learn Dafa and she can only make me do even better on the path of practice. Therefore I never delay practice because I am looking after her. I make materials when I need to and she never touches the computer or printer. One night when she was about a year old, her parents came to pick her up. She ran towards my room and her parents had to forcefully take her away. The next day I told her, you are good baby of grandfather and grandmother, and you are also a good baby of mom and dad. You share special time with grandfather and grandmother in the daytime and you share special time with mom and dad at night. When her parents came to pick her up that night, I reminded her once and she no longer refused to leave.

Of course, first of all we must have righteous thoughts: I am a Falun Dafa practitioner; I must practice and assist Teacher in Fa-rectification; I undertake anything I should. When my granddaughter is with me, whenever I have time, I read the Fa to her, tell her stories of practice, or sing Dafa practitioners' songs and watch the truth-clarification disk. I talk to her about the Fa principles to which I have enlightened and I educate her about the Fa principle of clearing away demon nature and strengthening Buddha nature. I treat her like a fellow practitioner and we get along very well.

In the winter of 2003, my parents-in-law came to our home from the countryside. My first thought was that they came to learn Dafa and I should do my best to help them. After dinner the first day I said I was going inside to study the Fa and I asked them if they wanted to study also. They stood up together and followed me inside for Fa study. They stayed for over a month and during that time they studied the Fa every day without fail.

I also have many attachments that I must abandon: mainly serious laziness, seeking comfort, bad temper and a strong attachment of relying on others. I must practice earnestly to abandon these attachments.

I realized that all matters in practice, whether they are big or small, occur for our improvement. We must have righteous thoughts to improve xinxing and increase gong. The reasons that I have less interference and a steady path, all originate from Dafa, and are a result of Teacher's merciful protection. Meanwhile, I must improve my understanding of Fa principles and practice steadily and righteously in order to fulfill my prehistoric vow.