(Clearwisdom.net) We should use a pure heart to make truth-clarification materials and distribute them with compassion. It has been less than a year since we established a truth clarification materials production center at my home. To date, 60,065 people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations on the Epoch Times' website. Nearly all of them used their real names. This shows an awakening of the people. We would like to share our experiences since we established the material center.

Along with my husband, who is also a practitioner, we have been making and distributing truth-clarification materials every day. Although we may not make a lot every day, every piece shines like gold and is playing a role in saving sentient beings. There are two types of truth-clarification materials, printed materials and CD/DVDs. Printed materials include letters, "Minghui Weekly," or stories or articles of prophecies. CD/DVDs include videos about withdrawing from the CCP, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and other information. Instructions on how to withdraw from the CCP are included in all the materials.

Every time we finish making truth-clarification materials, we wrap them up with care. We are conscientious about sending righteous thoughts even during the process of wrapping. We also send righteous thoughts towards the materials, telling them that during this very special, historic period, they have been chosen to save sentient beings and to be Fa implements, assisting Master in this human world, they will certainly have a good future, and wherever they go, the evil will disintegrate. I tell them that we will make sure sentient beings with predestined relationships will obtain and cherish them, and pass them on to others. We hope those people can understand the truth, withdraw from the CCP, and be saved.

When the practitioners distribute truth-clarification materials, they try to put them everywhere in the workplace, in small quantities. They also ask for Master's help so that the sentient beings can pass the materials on to others, and that the materials will save hundreds or thousands of people. We have learned that indeed people have cherished and spread the materials widely. Some people called to withdraw from the CCP, and others have posted their notices online or in public places in China. Here are a few examples:

One day, a practitioner was on a bus for a business trip. There were two women on the bus, including the driver. Both were CCP members. One of them said, "The CCP regime is fraught with crises right now." The practitioner said, "Lately I've seen some flyers printed by Falun Gong practitioners explaining celestial changes." The other woman took out a copy of a truth-clarification material from her pocket. It was quite worn, and some words were smudged. The practitioner knew that they printed that version of the information more than a month prior, and was glad that this person still kept it in her pocket. She said she was afraid to withdraw from the CCP using the instructions because she feared that she would be monitored by the CCP. This just shows how severely repressive this evil regime is. The practitioner agreed to help them withdraw from the CCP.

Another practitioner went to a factory to work. He heard ordinary people comment that they would use their real names when withdrawing from the CCP, even though the CCP was acting very rampant. Another time, a coworker went to the practitioner and as0ked him to help withdraw from the CCP. The coworker pulled out a truth-clarification CD-ROM and said, "Someone gave me a DVD but it had a lot of scratches. I gave it to my relatives. Another person gave me a new disc. I wanted to keep it, but the person who gave it to me said I should pass it on to at least three or four people. We not only can be saved, but also receive good fortune." The practitioner said that it was right for him to pass the disc on to others.

A practitioner went to another agency on business. He was having dinner at a restaurant in his hotel when he saw a police officer in the restaurant. Another person from a different agency was reading a truth-clarifying brochure. The practitioner knew that the brochure was recently printed. The practitioner hadn't distributed that truth-clarification brochure to this place, so he knew that the materials had spread very quickly among people. The person showed the brochure to the police officer. The two appeared to be friends. The person said, "Look, Falun Gong has done such a good job. This brochure probably cost 15 yuan to print, since a color photocopy alone costs 5 yuan per sheet. The information here is not available through official newspapers, TV, or other media forms." The officer didn't dare to look at it. He said that during the Olympics, they were required to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. Everyone has a quota for how many to arrest. If they don't arrest that many, they won't get paid. The police couldn't find anyone, so he arrested a relative of his whose son is a practitioner. The son has gone into hiding, and his father wouldn't say where he was. This shows how evil the CCP really is.

A practitioner was going home around noon one day when she passed a kiosk, and bought an ice-cream. The owner of the kiosk was watching a truth-clarification video using a small DVD player. The practitioner asked her where she got the disc. The owner said that someone brought it to her home. This practitioner had never brought truth-clarification material to people's homes in the city, so the owner must have received the disc from someone else, maybe an ordinary person.

Actually, we have not distributed all that many discs, but the people who received them have been passing them on to others. This is a manifestation of the power of our righteous thoughts as cultivators. When our minds are in the right place, Master will help us.

"It is good enough if you have this wish. It is the master who actually does this, as you are simply unable to do it." (Zhuan Falun 2000 translation version)

When the practitioners distribute truth-clarification materials, wonders happen. One practitioner always feels warm no matter how cold it is during the winter. In the summer, he wears short-sleeve shirts inside and a thick jacket outside, so that he can put the materials in his pockets. He was handing out materials around noontime on a hot day, but felt cool and refreshed.

Another evening he went to the bicycle garage of his agency to distribute materials. There was no light in the garage, and it was quite dark. When he walked in, he felt that the place was all lit up, and the bicycles were shining. He heard many voices say, "Please tell us the truth. We really need it." When the practitioner finished putting materials in the baskets attached to the front of the bicycles, he saw in his mind many people crowding in the garage. They were all wearing traditional-style clothes and bowing to him to show thanks.

Recently he went to another company to distribute truth-clarification materials. When he walked into the courtyard, he saw a motorcycle. He thought that it probably belonged to someone wealthy enough to own a DVD player, so he left a disc in the basket attached to the motorcycle. He also sent forth righteous thoughts, asking this person to pass the disc on to others with predestined relationships. As soon as he walked away, he saw a slightly overweight man walk towards the motorcycle. The man held the disc with both hands, and the disc was shining like gold. The practitioner then saw a lot of people in the courtyard, some in Western-style suits and others in rags, but all of them were thanking him.

Practitioners have run into many such amazing occurrences. Compared with fellow practitioners who have done well, there are still many areas that need improvement. But we will continue to be alert and urge ourselves to do well the three things required by Master.